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Prepaid Funeral Plan Price rises are typically hundreds of pounds. They can easily be avoided by acting now, rather than delaying.  We really can’t see prices going down!  But one of the big mistakes people make is to be rushed into buying just because of a price rise!  Being rushed into buying an already expensive plan which may be far from the best is not sensible.   So call us first, for genuinely independent advice.  The number is 0800 0588 240, and you can leave a message even when the office is closed.  That could save a great deal of time, money and grief for those left behind. And we read the small print for you!

Update: survey show funeral costs up 89.9% for cremation, and 94.3% for burials over between 2004 and 2015.  Funeral plans have been a better investment over that period than houses. So now is the time to move some of your savings from low paying savings accounts into a prepaid funeral plan, for the benefit of your family.

The Review Team at the Prepaid Funeral Review compare funeral plans so you can save money and get a more suitable plan. They are constantly reviewing the market for the little wrinkles others don’t know about! Comparing funeral plans is complicated.  So why take a risk of buying a prepayment plan which doesn’t do what the literature hints at?  0800 0588 240 is the number, just leave a message if we’re busy (or asleep!)

Prepaid funeral plans – even more reasons for Scots to buy now before prices rise due to additional Regulation – read the story here.  Scots will need our special expertise too! And BBC TV Breakfast ran a story about a poor family being charged over £6000 for a simple funeral. Even £20 a month can start to make that scenario less likely, with our help.

Some plans went up by 12% in 2015, the earlier you buy, the lower the cost.  5 years ago, the cost would have been around £1,000 less.  

How much interest have you earned on your savings account in the same time?

There has never been a better time to invest in the security and comfort of a prepaid funeral plan before prices go up further – but our independent advice is more important than ever.

Why not contact us today? Or download our brief Guide HERE.

Ask for details of our Best Price Guarantee and £195 bonus package which is available as a free extra with many plans (but not all).

Looking to buy a prepaid funeral plan?

  • It makes sense to take Independent Advice.
  • Especially as it costs you nothing!
  • 99% of people will end up better off with our advice.
  • and if you won’t – we will tell you!  

0800 0588 240 is the number – ask for a call back from our Funeral Plans Reviewers Steve or Peter if you ring out of hours. Or use our enquiry form.

Prepaid Funeral Plans Reviews – but SPECIFICALLY for You:

There are also some interesting developments in funeral plans for folk who just want to be whisked away with no fuss at low cost.  But make sure it won’t upset the family!  Ideal for folk with no UK relatives to sort things out.

Our researcher Julie is always hard at work reviewing the pricing structure for recommendations in view of the annual price rises by at least one of the major players: most months there are changes, and three or four times a year everything has to be redone.   One set of Funeral Plans or Funeral Bond may be a best buy in March, then drop down the tables for a few months until the other planning firms catch up with their prices rises.   Then someone completely rewrites the terms of their plans, or introduces a new one, and all the research has to be redone!

It may be news to you, but prepaid funeral plans are FAR from being all the same, and making a mistake when choosing your funeral plans can be very expensive – usually for those left behind.

As far as we are aware, the Prepaid Funeral Review is the only place you can get independent advice.  So why not at least download our enquiry form, or give us a ring?  At the very least it will give you a list of questions to ask that very nice salesperson pushing their own range of funeral plans – which may be the least suitable for you.   But you can find out, with our help, which is the most suitable.  We won’t give you a Parker pen or a carriage clock – but we do have a bonus package worth £195 available on most plans!

If you aren’t ready to buy, just download our enquiry form which will help you to decide what you need, and return it when you are ready.

Prepaid Funeral Plan Reviews: because prices on the rise again.

So why not get organised NOW – prices will never be this low again! And our Review Team will help you get the best plan for your money.   – and they are all different!

Why the Prepaid Funeral Review?

There are lots of varying features on which to choose prepaid funeral plans.   Some plans have a tremendous sales pitch and massive disadvantages, others have modest which can make all the difference in your precise circumstances – but be pointless to another person.   It is about in-depth knowledge and finding out what you need. The Prepaid Funeral Review team will help you decide which of these issues matter most to you so that you can make an informed choice and make the right choice of plan for you unique circumstances.  Too many people buy from the first leaflet they come across, or send off for lots of brochures (and then get totally confused!)  The Prepaid Funeral Review even offers a personal advice service if you don’t have the time and expertise to study each plan in detail.

Rather than the first funeral plan you come across, which may not be the most right one for YOU, why not let us guide you through the maze of funeral plans?

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