Prepaid Burial Plans Reviewed

Prepaid Burial Plans.

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Prepaid Burial Plan Plan Quotes

Prepaid burial plans are not as simple to arrange as what is now the “standard” the cremation plan. The reason is that in may areas, churches and other burial grounds are running out of space.   That makes it very difficult for a prepaid burial plan to be set up to include the cost of the actual burial plot. Despite all the “guarantees” on offer, no-one offers a full guarantee on burial plans.  Why? Burial plots vary widely in both availability and cost.  In the last few days we have had quotes ranging from £500 to well over £3000 just for the plot.  And some of those plots are only on a 30 year lease, so if you buy today, you could outlast the lease!

prepaid burial plans

Burial Plans Reviewed.

So arranging pre-need burial plans is not as straightforward as the cremation one.   The burial plot needs to be purchased in advance.  Alternatively, you can add an extra allowance into the burial plan fund, but no one guaranteed that it will be enough to buy a plot, or even if one will be available.   Some folks have family plots, and as long as the lease doesn’t run out, that sorts the problem out in many cases.

But what happens if you move?  You can’t take the burial plot with you!  If you move hundreds of miles way, there may be a substantial extra cost for the undertaker to take you back to the burial plot.  And the plot may be wildly inconvenient for the rest of the family and new friends.

We do appreciate that some religious beliefs require burial plans.  We’re happy to help organise them, but you need to be aware that they are not as simple as might seem.  Very often, the best plan is to leave the purchase of the plot to the time of the funeral, and make a good allowance for it in the prepaid plan.   But we are here to help, so do talk through the options with us on 0800 0588 240 or use the form below.