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Prepaid Funeral Plan Company Directory.

Just a few of the funeral plan booklets you could collect!

Just a few of the funeral plan booklets you could collect!

This prepaid funeral plan company directory is for those of you with an analytical brain and time on your hands to do all the research (which we have already done) as well as understand the jargon and contracts.   For the rest of you, just give us a call on 0800 0588 240 – you will probably pay less than all the folk who do all their own research!

Because choosing the right prepaid funeral plan depends on so many factors, we don’t operate a star rating system – all our recommendations are personal ones.

Let no one tell you that choosing a prepaid funeral is easy.  There are so many providers, each offering many different plans. Every prepaid funeral plan has its disadvantages. But the providers’ salesperson won’t point those out to you, just their advantages.  Don’t misunderstand, a good prepaid funeral is a great boon.  But why not get the best one for your circumstances and wishes?

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

That is where the Prepaid Funeral Review staff start their job:  to help you to get (free) advice on the prepaid funeral plan which is the most suitable plan for your needs – which will be a unique combination for everyone.   There are a few tips on how to choose a prepaid funeral here – but doing the full research job is a major undertaking for an individual – and it will cost you nothing to take advantage of all the work we have done and continue to do, week by week as things change.

(If you are under 50 go here.)

There are two sorts of prepaid funerals on the market:

1) Prepaid Funeral Plan Company Directory.

These are plans which actually pre-pay all or part of the funeral – which is really rather the idea! The alternatives are insurance type plans which mostly pay out a fixed amount which will in  s rapidly decrease in value unless you keep adding increasingly expensive top ups each year. The death benefit has no relationship to the cost of burial or cremation. Most have other major disadvantages too.

  • In Scotland? Or any rural area – Warning!

2) Insurance (NOT Funeral Plan) Company Directory

Most of these are the classic Over 50’s insurance. They have their own separate directory – click the link above.  We don’t like them much. Even the companies selling them don’t attempt to describe them as proper funeral plans because they are not too good at doing that job! Major problem with most is twofold – no inflation proofing and no cash value at all if you stop payments at any time, whether deliberately or accidentally!

Considering thousands of people buy them every month – mostly for prepaying funerals – there seems to be much public confusion about what is and is not a proper funeral plan. Let us protect you from the adverts!

Funeral plan company directory.