Funeral Plan Companies trading in the UK

Funeral Plan Companies List

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

If you know of any funeral plan company we have missed, please do tell us – but the chances are they will just be white label versions of one of the major plans.  Be aware that the majority of funeral plans provided these days are for cremation rather than burial. Burial plots are becoming more expensive, and you can’t even be sure one is available unless you buy it at the same time as the funeral plan.  Anyway, that was an aside:

funeral plan companies

Cremation or Burial?

If you don’t want to spend hours trying to compare funeral plan companies prices and (more important) terms and conditions and complaint levels, all you need to do is download and fill in our Funeral Plan Checklist to the right. If you ask us too, we’ll do all the research for you, as long as the business is placed through us. Fair?  If you are ready to buy ASAP, or have a salesman coming to sell you and you really do want one, give us a ring quick on 01323 740844 or email us if it’s out of office hours.

Funeral plan best buy?

Funeral Plan Providers list

Here is our current list of Funeral Plan Companies.

Avalon Funeral Plans.

Age UK Funeral Plans

Co-op Funeral Plans.

Golden Charter Funeral Plans

Golden Leaves Funeral Plans.

Dignity Funeral Plans

Funeral Planning Services.

Insurance Funeral Plans

Iberian Funeral Plans

Perfect Choice Funeral Plans.

Post Office Funeral Plan (see Insurance Funeral Plans)

Safe Hands Funeral Plans

Silver Clouds Funeral Planning.

Sun Life Funeral Plans – the proper ones as opposed to the insurance ones – are just badged Co-op Funeral Plans

Funeral Plan Companies List

Please do use our contact page to let us know of any funeral plan companies we have missed, though most of them will probably be “badged” versions of the main plans we have listed above.   It is always great to hear about new approaches to funeral provision, so if you check back from time to time, we will add whatever information we can find.