Funeral Plan Quotes – Which Is Best For Me?

For Independent Advice and prepaid funeral plan quotes, please pop your details in the boxes below or call 080 0588 240.

If you just want initial information, use the form to the right, in the sidebar.   As prices change so often, funeral plan quotes may go out of date fairly quickly. We don’t try to sell over the phone – we believe you should get the chance to read through the brochure and terms of business of whichever provider we recommend to fit your wishes in your own time, not plunge into something with only a salesman’s spiel to rely on.

Which is the Best Funeral Plan for ME?
Which is the Best Funeral Plan Quote for ME?

When you ask us for a recommendation, we give you a range of quotes from across the market, together with our independent researchers’ suggestion as to the right funeral plan for your circumstances. There is more too it than just comparing funeral plan prices: it is the little details that can catch the unwary. No one will knock on your door, but we may give you a call to get a little more detail on your wishes before posting out a written recommendation with comparative quotes.

Most sites are not independent, and you will just get quotes from their tame funeral plan company (which often owns the site anyway!) We are proudly independent and our mission is to find just the right funeral plan quote for you. Some sites sell plans which offer no contribution towards the actual cost of the funeral: we promise you nothing less than straightforward, honest, independent advice.

If you have already had quotes, let us know and we will see if there is a better plan for you – they are definitely NOT all the same!  If you don’t like forms, give us a ring on 0800 0588 240 – out of hours just leave your name and number and ask for our funeral plan researcher to ring you.

Funeral Plan Quotes: we compare prices and terms and conditions.

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