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Funeral Plans are not all the sameAge UK Funeral Plan Review 2019. Funeral Plan Comparison.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Age UK Funeral Plans (or Age Co) often seem to be on “special offer” – a sure sign that their pricing is out of line with the market. to distance themselves from the main charity.  We are not agents for Age Co funeral plans, but will at the very least match their prices PLUS give you our valuable bonus package (their plan is effectively the Dignity one).  But very often the Age UK range of plans won’t be the best buy for you anyway. That’s why we exist, as Independent Advisers, to review the dozens of available plans against your wishes and concerns.  We can recommend the plan which best fits your needs (and pocket!)  Our service does not cost you anything. It almost always saves you money.  So why not call us on 0800 0588 240? We will match or beat any online price on Age UK Funeral Plans and still add our up to £595 bonus package.  If you are under 50, you can’t buy one of their plans – go here.

According to The Independent on 9/2/16, Age UK make £522 from the average single plan (and no discounts or bonus vouchers!) How much of that goes into the charity and how much into the costs of running their very strong sales team, we don’t know. It would seem that they have lead the way in increasing commissions across the market.

Like many plans, the idea is to promote the Dignity chain of funeral directors who are generally well towards the top end on fees.

Age UK prepaid funeral plan review,

We are rather surprised to see that Age UK have introduced a remarkably limited plan in a quest to seem competitive.  The *Basic Plan is just £2,995.  That sounds like a bargain, unless you read the small print.  Yes, it is basic, nothing wrong with that.  But with 43,000 towns in the UK the plan is only accepted by around 800 funeral directors, so you need to be pretty darn sure there is one near you.  And you need to be careful about moving or dying away from home. If the local funeral director closes down…. And be aware that the service is only available at restricted times.   Everyone seems to be introducing these plans and we do NOT like them AT ALL.  We call them Cut Down Plans.  But back to Age UK…..

Age UK Prepaid Funeral Plans are decent plans but more expensive than some. And without our bonus package! Prices range from £3,495 for the basic Ivy, £3,845 for the Holly and £4,245 for the Rowan which is their top of the range plan. From time to time, they offer £100 discount for applying online without advice. We think independent advice is critical.

Another minor, but annoying, issue is that Age UK (and many others) no longer include the cost of the necessary medical certification of death required for a cremation outside Scotland.   It isn’t a fortune, but in our opinion taking out what are essential costs just to appear more price competitive is wrong.  Other providers are starting to copy this trend too because it makes them look more competitive than they really are.

Age UK funerals are just one of a lot of funeral plans on the UK market. They all have different features and benefits.  This is exactly why the Prepaid Funeral Review team was set up, to save you reviewing the 50+ plans which are (or pretend to be) funeral plans. Yes, you read correctly, many plans are not even aiming to cover the full or most of the costs of a funeral!   Just to be clear, AGE UK plans do not fall into that category.

So why not give us a call for independent advice on funeral plans – 0800 0588 240 –  or use our Enquiry Page?  Ask for details of our Best Price Guarantee and up to £195 bonus package!  

We have put the Age UK Funerals prices are at the foot of the page.  Like all prepaid funeral plans, they are rising rapidly, so it pays to buy as soon as possible.  Especially when deposit account rates are miserly, The many different plan providers are juggling rising costs and prices for market share and profit. But at any given time, we will know which one provides the best value for your needs and wishes.

We will help you understand the options.  Though you COULD do decide to do all the work yourself and review the terms and conditions of the many dozens of prepaid funeral plans on the market, we don’t recommend it! More general information here.

Age UK Funeral Plans

Age UK Prepaid Funeral Plans

Age UK Prepaid Funeral Plans over 50 are effectively “badged” versions of Dignity Funeral Plans. To quote from their site “The Age UK Funeral Plan is offered by Advance Planning Limited, a company incorporated in England and owned by Dignity Pre Arrangement Limited (a subsidiary of Dignity plc).”

funeral plan best buy

Age UK Prepaid Funeral plan review: best buy or bad choice for you?

Age UK, with whom we have no association, say: “Benefits of the Age UK Funeral Plans.

  • Family and friends will not have to make difficult decisions and arrangements at an upsetting time.
  • There is no bill left for them to pay for the services covered by the Plan. We guarantee to cover these costs for a cremation funeral.
  • If you prefer a burial funeral, we can make arrangements (although the cost is not fully guaranteed).
  • Three Age UK Prepaid Funeral Plans give you the option to tailor your Plan to suit your needs. You can also add special requests such as favourite hymns or readings.
  • The funds for your funeral will be securely held in an Independent Trust Fund that is separately and expertly managed.
  • The Age UK Funeral Plan (in association with Dignity – a well established leading UK provider of funeral plans) is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority. This is the official (no it isn’t!) body that ensures all funds are safeguarded and the highest standards of conduct are followed.
  • No one is excluded from the Plan.  The only requirement is that you are over 50 years of age and you can buy an Age UK Funeral Plan.

Here is their  TV advert (don’t ring them though! Our number is below):

Our number for independent advice is 0800 0588 240

Age UK Funerals:

Age UK Enterprises work in association with Dignity Caring Funeral Services to offer prepaid plans. Age UK’s Funeral Plans are designed specifically for those in later life and offer flexible plans and payment methods to suit different requirements.

 Age UK Funeral Plans have the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed to cover the cost of the cremation funeral services detailed in the plan.
  • Guaranteed acceptance if you are over 50.
  • No medical or health questions asked.
  • Flexible payment methods.
  • Allows family and friends to add their own special tribute when the time comes.

Age UK Funeral Plans offerings:

They offer essentially 4 plans, a Basic plan, a standard basic package, a middle range one and a top plan.

The Basic plan allows funeral only through a very restricted number of undertakers, on average there is one in every 53 towns!!!! A very serious restriction. Most people won’t be worried about the other things which have been pared down to cut costs.

Differences are things like:

  • whether a limousine or two are included.
  • Whether the chapel of rest can be visited outside office hours.
  • Whether you have to pay extra for the funeral procession to go from home to the service location and perhaps onwards.
  • The quality of the coffin.

Dignity plc is Britain’s largest single provider of funeral related services and is one of the market leaders in the provision of pre-arranged funeral plans. Since 2009 Dignity have achieved 5th place or higher every year in the Top 50 Call Centres for Customer Service Awards and in 2012 and 2013 were awarded first place.

Age UK Funeral Plans are not the best value on the market for most people, but if you have already bought one, there is no need to panic, they are a decent plan!

Age UK Prepaid Funeral Plan Prices.

(Which we expect from 1/4/18.)

Age UK Basic Plan £2,995.  This is there very basic plan and the biggest drawback is that there are just 800 funeral directors in the UK able to accept this plan.  With 43,000 towns alone (never mind cities) this is pretty small number of funeral directors compared with the 1300 who accept their other plans. This is a cut down plan which we campaign against.

To quote AgeUK “Basic Plan – extra restrictions to above: There is a restricted choice from about 800 Funeral Directors. A restricted choice of date and time for the funeral will be available. Typically this means that with the Basic Funeral Plan the service will take place before 10.30am or after 3.30pm Tuesday – Thursday. You may not make any additional contributions towards the cost of any special requests. Not available on the Isle of Man.”

Age UK Ivy option price £3,395.   Less £100 at the time of review.

Age UK Holly option price £3,775.  Less £100 at the time of review. We can discuss the options with you if you give us a call.

Age UK Rowan prepaid funeral plan is their top of the range plan priced at £4,035.  Less £100 at the time of review.

Our job is to compare these plans with the others in the market and recommend which one is the best value for you. Don’t buy from Age UK funerals without getting independent advice from us first! If we can’t provide better value, then Age UK funeral plans just could be right for you.

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