Capital Life Funerals Plans Reviewed 2019

Capital Life Prepaid Funeral PlansCapital Life Funeral Plans Review

Capital Life are relatively new to the funeral plan market and have a range of five plans covering most peoples needs and wishes. We have reviewed their plans, but without chatting, we don’t know whether they are suitable for your purposes and location. Everyone’s needs and wishes are different.  Why not give us a call on 0800 0588 240?

They have a range of five funeral plans:

  1. The Capital Life Simple Plan. This is a direct cremation plan, which means there is NO family involvement whatever once the deceased has been collected.
  2. The Capital Life Ceremonial Plan pays for the funeral directors services, leaving the family to find the third party costs at the time.  Much better than no funeral plan at all, and a type of plan offered by most providers. Sadly, sometimes sold to people who don’t understand its’ limitations (and I don’t mean by Capital Life, just salespeople assuming clients read brochures and terms and conditions carefully when most do not).
  3. The Capital Life Traditional Plan is just what it says – the standard type of funeral plan with an allowance towards the third party costs (crematorium, doctor, celebrant).  It also adds a slightly posher coffin. This is the type of prepaid funeral plan most people buy.
  4. The Capital Life Royal adds a posher coffin and a limousine for the family.
  5. Their top of the range is the Imperial Funeral Plan which offers two limousines and an even posher coffin.

What are Third Party Fees or Disbursements?

Funeral Plans are not all the sameThird Party fees (usually referred to as “disbursements”) are costs that are necessary for a funeral to take place but are not included in the services provided for by a Funeral Director. The third-party fees include any fees payable to doctors or a Coroner for the issue of death or cremation medical certificates, or Coroner’s certificates, the cremation or burial (interment) fees as well as the Minister or Celebrants fee to perform the service at the Crematorium or Cemetery or Graveside.

Third-party fees can vary widely between different Crematoriums, burial sites, ministers etc and circumstances of death. So Capital Life gives what they consider a generous allowance, which will go towards these specified fees. If at the time of death the allowance is insufficient to cover these aspects then there may be additional costs to pay by you or your representatives.