Dignity Funeral Plans Reviewed: Independent Review 2019

Great News from Dignity Funeral Plans – big price cuts make them more competitive, download details here.  we will be recommending them in some cases! Dignity was the first plan offered in the UK in 1985.  Then they had a misadventure being taken over by a US firm. But now they have long since become British again.  

They are among the market leaders in the UK, with a large number of Dignity owned or tied funeral directors selling only Dignity products, as you would expect.   Their coverage is pretty good, but there are gaps in it which they seek to cover usingDignity Funeral Plans Reviewed independent firms.  But despite the fact that Dignity Funeral Plans are a big seller, the far less useful Over 50’s plans have outsold them substantially! It is a funny old world.  An interesting aside is that most of Dignity’s fully owned undertakers still trade under the old family name as if they were local small firms.

But, more to the point, would a Dignity Funeral Plan be right for you?

Maybe, maybe not (but just at the moment they are very competitive) – but if you are keen to get a funeral plan in place before prices go up yet again, call The Prepaid Funeral Review team on 0800 0588 240.  If you are not ready to buy, just use our enquiry form – it will get you thinking – and send it into us when you are ready.  Our advice is independent and free.

Dignity Plans Reviewed.

Dignity Funeral Plans are decent plans, with strong guarantees on their cremation plans, but with so many plans available it is wise to take independent advice. 

According to Dignity Pre Paid Funeral Plans, this is why we should recommend them.

(But lots of plans have different advantages, and may be more suited to your wishes – that is why we exist to offer independent advice at no extra cost.)

  •  Dignity is one of the UK’s leading funeral service providers. For generations, Dignity has helped to plan funerals in Britain that are completely unique to the family concerned.
  •  Dignity launched the first ever funeral plan back in 1985, so they have more experience than anyone else.
  •  Dignity has sold more plans than any other provider.  Over half a million people have purchased their funeral plan from Dignity.
  •  A flexible plan, you can change whenever you want.  Things change – and the Dignity pre-need Funeral bond is designed with this in mind. You can add personal wishes or requests to your plan, and you won’t be charged for making these changes.
  •  A network of Britain’s best, local funeral directors.  Dignity has a network of over 1,100 approved funeral directors.  Many have served their local communities for generations. So you’ll have the friendly, one-to-one service of a local funeral director, with all the security of a big company.
  •  Excellent survey results – Over 98% of customers’ families said they would recommend their Dignity Funeral Director.  They agreed that the staff they dealt with were respectful, compassionate and caring. Over 99% said the company had met or exceeded their expectations in terms of the quality of service provided to them.
  •  All client monies paid for Dignity plans are safe.   Funds are held in an independent trust fund which is totally separate from Dignity, so Dignity can meet the promises to plan holders even if they went out of business tomorrow.
  • Comprehensive annual report.  Dignity is the only national funeral plan provider to consistently publish a comprehensive annual report on its Trust Fund.
  • Bereavement Counselling Service. There is a 24-hour telephone bereavement counselling service available, should friends or relatives require it.
  • Certified Carbon Neutral.  All three of the funeral plans Dignity offers are carbon neutral, so customers can have peace of mind that their funeral won’t damage the environment.

Here is what Dignity Pre Paid Funeral Plans have to say for themselves?

“We are committed to providing people with the highest standards of service and care and to helping our clients every step of the way when they need us.”

Dignity Funeral Plans promise.

What we are here to do.
To help people at one of the most difficult times in their life.

How we do this
With compassion, respect, openness and care.

What we want to be
The company everyone knows they can trust in their time of need.

At every step of the way we:

  • Are compassionate, respectful and caring.
  • Spend as much time as a client needs.
  • Provide clear and straightforward information that enables clients to make informed choices.
  • Are transparent about our fees and there are no hidden extras.
  • Pay attention to detail.
  • Keep in contact.

Dignity Funeral Plans: The Prepaid Funeral Review says.

Dignity plans have some good features, which will be of benefit to many, but they don’t have full national coverage.  Like the Coop, they are a really big national firm, which some may feel detracts from the personal service aspect.   If you would like a full review of the Dignity’ Funeral plan range compared with your needs and the offerings of other firms, you need our independent advice.   Why not give us a ring on 0800 0588 2240.  If you aren’t in a hurry, go HERE and download our questionnaire.  It will help you consider which benefits are most important to you – and all the plans offer their own unique set of features, both good and bad.

When we receive the questionnaire back, we will review it against our features and benefits database and recommend what we believe to be the most right plan for you.  All we ask is that if you decide to accept our advice, you buy the plan through us.  In the unlikely event that you find the recommended funeral plan cheaper elsewhere, let us know and we’ll try to renegotiate the price for you. Dignity burial plans are also available.

Contact us for advice.

Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plans Prices.

Prices from their website in July 2019.

Click to download a pack

The Dignity Limited Plan costs was £3,045  now £2,895.  Like all the more restricted plans, whoever the provider, our recommendations is to find the cash to go to the next one up!

Amber funeral plan cost £3,495 now £3,295. This is the standard plan,

Pearl prepaid funeral plan price £3,875 now £3,650 is an upgrade with a limousine for the family and a few other extras.

Diamond Funeral Plan costs £4,135 now £3,895. Again, this adds a second limousine and some more trimmings.

They now offer Direct Cremation plans under another brand name.

Dignity Prepaid Funeral Plans UK.

 Your questions and comments:

My wife and I already have Dignity Plans, arranged more than ten years ago. Are the Benefits safe if they were to collapse? Asks Tony

Answer:  like all proper UK providers required to securely separate the funds for the funeral from their own money.  This is done either through an Independent Trust Fund (as Dignity do) or by having an Insurance Company run an independent fund for the company which is similarly ring-fenced. They do seem to have some access to surplus funds, but that should not permit them to reduce the Trust below a level at which it could fund the funeral through other funeral directors in the unlikely event that Dignity collapses.

You can get a copy of the Trusts 2016 report here though we don’t think it is as helpful as it might be.

In summary, it is unlikely that the bankruptcy of any proper UK based funeral plan company would cause significant problems as the Trustees would swiftly appoint new funeral directors to deal with each death.

I hope that reassures you.

Their address is 4 King Edwards Court, King Edwards Square, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B73 6AP. Telephone No: 0121 354 1557. Fax No: 0121 355 8081.

Who owns Dignity Funeral Plans – there are a large network of companies but this seems to be the parent company.

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