Funeral Planning Services Reviewed 2017

Funeral Planning Services. 

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Planning Services Ltd started in 1995 and provides a range of pre-payment plans for clients of any age and state of health, with independent funeral directors throughout the UK. Funeral payments are held in Funeral Planning Trust, with Capita Trust Company Ltd as Custodian Trustee.  Like all prepaid funeral plans, they are right for some people, and not the right choice for others.  But without our independent advice, you may never know….

Funeral plan best buy?

Funeral Planning Services best buy?

The Funeral Planning Services prepaid funeral plan is “badged”by many other organisations and sold under different names at varying prices.    If you would like advice (without obligation) give us a ring on 0800 0588 240 or use the Funeral Plan Enquiry page.  If you’re not in a hurry, then just download our funeral planning enquiry form and send it back when you are ready to go ahead.

Funeral Planning Services Advantages.

  • With Funeral Planning Services, you can choose your own funeral arrangements, for your own peace of mind.
  • Save your family from having to make difficult decisions, and trying to guess what you would have wanted, at such a distressing time.
  • Choose from a comprehensive range of options with fixed prices.
  • Avoid rising costs with an inflation-proof guarantee.
  • Financial security – all funeral payments to Funeral Planning Services are held in the Funeral Planning Trust until required, held by a professional custodian trustee, monitored by independent auditors and registered with the Funeral Planning Authority.
  • The service will be provided by a local funeral director.
  • There is no age limit and there are no awkward health questions.
  • Pay the current price within three months or pay by monthly instalments over a number of years – whichever suits you.
Funeral Planning Services Funeral Plans

Funeral Planning Services Funeral Plans

The Prepaid Funeral Review says: take independent advice on your choice of prepaid funeral plan, don’t gamble. Go HERE to see if Funeral Planning Services plans are right for you and download our questionnaire.  If you are keen to move ahead, ring the Prepaid Funeral Review team on 0800 0588 240.  Our questionnaire will help you consider which benefits are most important to you – and all the plans on offer their own unique set of features. When we receive your enquiry we’ll check it against our features and benefits database and recommend what we believe to be the most appropriate plan for you.  All we ask is that if you decide to accept our advice, you buy the plan through us.  In the unlikely even that you find the recommended funeral plan cheaper elsewhere, let us know and we’ll try to renegotiate the price for you.

Funeral Planning Services – Reviewed.

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  1. Prepaid Funeral Plan Reviewer

    NB The prices shown on the Funeral Planning Service website do not, in our opinion, make up a proper funeral plan as they have excluded the cost of cremation or burial which is really rather important!

    Please download our free Enquiry Form, so you can start to get a fuller picture.

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