Prosperous Life Funeral Plans Reviewed 2019: Important Reading

Prosperous Life Funeral PlanningProsperous Life Funeral Plans are another newish player in the funeral plan market. They offer a simple range of three plans. Read our review below. To find out if they would be right for you, call us on 0800 0588 240 for free Independent Advice in this complex market. 

You should be aware that the guarantee offered by Prosperous Life covers only the funeral directors own fees, and not third-party costs, which are typically around one-third of the total cost. They do have an allowance of £1,000 available, which is a bit lower than most. It is indexed in line with the Consumer Price Index.

To find out why we don’t use a Star system, click the link: Funeral Plans are not all the same

Be aware that, despite information to the contrary on other sites, they are NOT currently regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority. It is not something that Prosperous claim themselves, just an error on another site. There is also a claim that they offer no refunds, retaining funds until death. This is also incorrect, as money paid in can be refunded on request less a cancellation fee which is currently £595.

More concerning is that they will attempt to contact you at age 90, and if they receive no reply within 7 years, they will retain the plan benefits!  We were very critical of the Coop doing that at age 110 (they don’t anymore) but at age 97 there will be some people who lose out for sure. If you have one of their plans, be sure to keep them updated with your address (which is a good idea with any plan.)

The Prosperous Life Funeral Plans range:

1) The Prosperous Life Silver Funeral Plan £3,495.

is what we would call a standard funeral plan, it covers the funeral directors costs with an allowance of £1,000 towards third party costs. In all cases, Prosperous Lifes’ cooling off period during which you can cancel a plan and get your money back is a little short at 14 days, so do make sure you read the small print before you buy, as you should with any plan. The amount allowed for third party costs on all of their plans is a little lower than average.

2) The Prosperous Life Gold Plan at £3,895.

adds a limousine for the family and a listing of floral tributes and an upgraded coffin.

3) The Prosperous Life Platinum is £4,195.

upgrades the coffin further and adds a second limo for family members.

Is your money secure?

The funds are held in the same Trust as those of Pride Planning.

What do the Prosperous Life Funeral Plans NOT cover?

  • If you choose burial, the plan does not cover you for the purchase of the burial plot.
  • The plan does not include the cost of repatriation back to the UK, if you die outside of the UK.
  • If the allowance for the third-party costs does not fully cover them at the time of need, the balance will need to be covered by your next of kin or representative.
  • Any requests you have made on the personal request form that fall outside the plan ie flowers, memorials that have not been paid for.
  • There may also be further costs if your next of kin or representative chooses a different funeral director than the one stated on the plan certificate.

Prosperous Life Funeral Plans Reviewed.

Contact details for Prosperous Life Ltd  Sinclair House, 11 Station Road, Cheadle SK8 5AE.

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