National Association for Prepaid Funeral Plans

National Association for Prepaid Funeral Plans (NAPFP)

The National Association for Prepaid Funeral Plans was established in 1993 and it  numbers the majority of  prepaid funeral plan companies in the UK  amongst its’ membership.

For your added security prepaid funeral plans are subject to the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 as far as their management of your funds is concerned.

Why buy a prepaid funeral plan?

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funerals used to be arranged at the last minute, after the person concerned had died. The family, or executor, were entirely responsible for deciding everything from the coffin type to the hymns required (or not). More people prefer to make their own arrangements in advance, taking the burden – especially the financial burden away.  You can make as many of the decisions in advances as you wish.  Your family won’t have to make controversial (they usually end up that way) decisions at a difficult time.

Why use a member of the National Association for Prepaid Funeral Plans?

Not all funeral plans are the same – they do not all offer the same terms nor do they have the same level of security for the funds required to pay for the funeral.

The National Association for Prepaid Funeral Plans helped to bring the Funeral Planning Authority into being.  All National Association for Prepaid Funeral Plans members are required to be registered with the Funeral Planning Authority and comply with its Code of Practice. The Code provides for:

  • Fair terms and conditions for the client.
  • Security of funds – strict controls over custodianship of funds and regular monitoring.
  • Full information about the plan.
  • An established procedure for the handling of any complaints.
  • Annual independent monitoring of trust funds.
  • Arbitration in the case of a complaint.
  • You will be safer using funeral plan companies who are members of the NAPFP.

Where can I buy a funeral plan?

You can buy a funeral plan from any of the companies listed on this site, with help and advice from the staff of the Prepaid Funeral Review – why not download their questionnaire now?

Which funeral plan companies are National Association for Prepaid Funeral Plans members?

Dignity Funeral Plans.

Golden Leaves Prepaid Funeral Plans.

Funeral Planning Services.

BFD Pre-paid funeral plan – we haven’t reviewed this plan as it is very much locally based and from a single funeral director.

Perfect Choice Funeral Plans

Family Funerals Trust Ltd.


National Association for Prepaid Funeral Plans


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