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Prepaid Funeral Plan Reviews: GOOD NEWS!

It makes a change to have good news, and one of the top funeral plan providers has set the cat amongst the pigeons by dramatically cutting prices.  In a hurry? chose option 1 or 2 below:

Incidentally, SunLife’s 2018 Cost of Dying Report reveals that the cost of an average funeral is now £4,271. That’s an increase of 122% since 2004 – well above inflation. At that rate, in another 10 years, the average cost of a funeral could be over £7,500**.

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No plan covers everything, so you need to know what you want:

We lay the truth bare here.

Almost every other firm that sells funeral plans advises on only ONE company’s plans when there are at least 19 main firms supplying them, so you have, at best, a one in nineteen chance of getting the most suitable company – never mind plan! There are dozens of other firms who “badge” the products of those underlying companies.

How to buy the Right Prepaid Funeral Plan.

  1. BUY a funeral plan – don’t be SOLD one.
  2. Never buy a plan over the phone, unless you have already seen and READ the brochure and terms and conditions.  We always think cheques are safer.
  3. If you invite a salesperson into your home, come to an agreement before they come that you will need to consider matters for a few days and you will NOT be buying on the spot, They may not like it though!
  4. Independent advice from us costs you nothing, it usually saves money.
  5. We will not tell you to cancel a plan you have already bought, so speak to us before you buy – if we can’t beat what you are looking at, we will tell you.
  6. Call us on 0800 0588 240 or use the enquiry form to the right for straight advice – all we ask is that you use the forms we send you if you accept our recommendation.  You will not get a sales pitch from us.

Price Rises on the way.

Many of the big players in the prepaid funeral plans market put up prices in the second half of 2017.  Another major player has just done so (3 so far this year – though interestingly one dropped prices – at least temporarily.) That will bring in a whole string of increases from others as funeral cost inflation continues.   If you can’t afford the full cost now, why not use interest-free instalments to freeze the cost until you can pay off the full amount?

As we predicted earlier, more increases will follow.

Client review of the prepaid funeral plan review service.

Non biased advice – Well worth talking to these people.

I wanted a prepaid funeral plan but didn’t know where to start looking as there are so many out there. 
Then I found this gem, The Prepaid Funeral Review Service. And what a find. They asked me what kind of funeral I would like and then based on my answers, they sent me details of two companies which offered just what I wanted. They encouraged me to ask as many questions as I needed (I had quite a few) and explained everything to me in simple terms so there were no misunderstandings or ambiguity. 
I took out one of the plans they recommended and I am very pleased I did. I can’t fault their customer service and helpfulness. I would recommend this company as the place to start if you are looking to purchase a prepaid funeral plan. Well done!

Here are some more details about types of prepaid funeral plans we review:

The market has become a lot more complicated with companies introducing new plans which include less and less just to keep the cost down.  Make sure you REALLY understand what you are buying.  Best way is to call us!  What follows is a very basic description of the types of plan available.

  1. Over 50s Life Insurance: these dominate the market and are usually quite unsuitable. Typically, there is no inflation proofing, unless you keep taking out extra policies. Worse, if you miss a couple of payments – you lose every penny.  Some of them very graciously say that they won’t take more money from you than they pay out.  So you can be making an interest free loan to the insurance company for 30+ years. BUT there are a couple which do actually pay for the funeral and do cover increasing costs.   But they still suffer from the problems of losing the lot if you miss a couple of payments, which is far from ideal.
  2. Direct Cremation Prepaid Funeral Plans are another area where those that invest without understanding can be laying the seeds of upset for those left behind.  They are cheap, but not only you but your friends and families need to fully understand them.
  3. Funeral Directors Fee Plans.  At the moment the typical cost of a funeral is around 60% the funeral directors fees, and perhaps 40% for third-party costs. These are mainly crematorium fees, doctors and minister/ celebrant to run the service. With burials, the cost of the plot may be an additional cost of some size.  Church fees and the extra undertakers staff time are more too. Those extra costs will have to be found before the funeral can take place. So, once again, you need to be sure exactly what you are buying or those left behind may be shocked when they discover just how much is left to pay.
  4. Cut Down Cut price funeral plans are a mis-selling scandal waiting to happen with folk buying “cheap” plans without a full understanding of why they are cheap.  Read the article.  They are typically a few hundred pounds cheaper than a standard plan. We do not like them at all. Why? Because they are mostly
  5. Cremation only Cut Down Plans use cheap time at a crematorium which could be (often) up to 50 miles as the crow flies from home. Worse, the service will typically start no later than 9.30 am on a Monday to Friday to suit the undertaker. So it just could be impossible for family and friends to attend, especially if they need to use public transport.  Of course, for some people with a cheap crematorium (not owned by Dignity is a good start) round the corner, they will work out fine.   But we recommend not taking the risk, and we can sort out an affordable alternative.
  6. Standard Funeral Plans.   These typically guarantee the funeral directors fees (maybe 60% of the cost).  However, they don’t normally guarantee the third party costs will be paid in full.   Most make an allowance towards that cost in the range of £840 to £1,200.  Some will index that contribution in line with CPI or RPI, and one just invests the money and you get whatever return it makes, good or bad. Costs intended to be covered are typically crematorium fees (or the cost of digging and refilling a grave you already own), doctors fees (where payable) and a fee for a professional leading the service.  Typically flowers, printing or advertising are not covered, nor is the cost of buying a grave for burial (in any plan we know of).
  7. Standard Plus Plans. These usually add a limousine to the standard one, sometimes a bit of extra gloss on the coffin. 
  8. Deluxe Plans typically provide two limousines, a posher coffin and maybe a spray of flowers. Sometimes they will add other bits and pieces of modest value, but these vary too widely to generalise.
  9. Bespoke Prepaid Funeral Plans can be tailored to your specific needs – including environmentally friendly funerals, space flights, you name it!  Just don’t expect them to be cheaper!

So why not take advantage of our expertise on prepaid funeral plan reviews and give us a call? Even the call is free!

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Fast Approaching – the Prepaid Funeral Plans Price Rise Season.

prepaid funeral plansPrice rises can easily be avoided by acting now, rather than delaying. Even if that means paying over time (up to 10 years – you can always pay them off early). We really can’t see prices going down. That said, one of the big mistakes people make is to be rushed into buying just because of a price rise!  Being pushed into buying an already expensive plan which may be far from the best is not sensible.   So call us first, for genuinely independent advice. It is a free 5 minute chat, without obligation. At worst, it will help you decide what you are looking for in a funeral plan. Please leave a message even when the office is closed: we will get back to you.  The 5 minutes talking to us could save a great deal of time, money and grief for those left behind. And we read the small print for you!

Alternatively, download our brief booklet and enquiry form and send it back to us when you are ready. Or there is a more detailed online form at the foot of this page.

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There has never been a better time to invest in the security and comfort of a prepaid funeral plan before prices go up further – but our independent advice is more important than ever.

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Why the Prepaid Funeral Review?

There are lots of varying features on which to choose prepaid funeral plans.   Some plans have a tremendous sales pitch and massive disadvantages, others have modest which can make all the difference in your precise circumstances – but be pointless to another person.   It is about in-depth knowledge and finding out what you need. The Prepaid Funeral  Plan Review team will help you decide which of these issues matter most to you so that you can make an informed choice and make the right choice of plan for your unique circumstances.  Too many people buy from the first leaflet they come across, or send off for lots of brochures (and then get totally confused!)  The Prepaid Funeral Review even offers a personal advice service if you don’t have the time and expertise to study each plan in detail.

Rather than the first funeral plan you come across, which may not be the most right one for YOU, why not let us guide you through the maze of funeral plans?

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