Prepaid Funeral Plan Reviews 2020: FREE Independent Advice

That is the place to start if you are not an experienced buyer – the market is complicated and (in my opinion) more people buy quite unsuitable plans than proper ones, as they don’t fully understand what they are buying.  Funeral plans are just as “simple” as cars!

Whatever you do, please do NOT buy a prepaid funeral plan WITHOUT seeing and READING the Small Print. 

Just the Free Guide Please

Best to call us for a chat first, on 0800 0588 240 (9am to 9pm anyday)  But start looking and you will realise the value of our free independent advice.  

If you are NOT ready to go ahead,  please stick to the Guide and maybe a general chat with me  – recommendations are pointless (and time consuming for me to do) if you are not ready.  Things change quickly so they may be different in a couple of months.  My Free Guide to Prepaid Funeral Plans (above) is a great place to start.

Apparently, funerals are the biggest single items on credit cards they generally have to be paid for in advance of the event. 

Take advantage of 2020s lowest prices before the rest go up!

2020 was shaping up to be potentially a good year for clients of the Prepaid Funeral Review with more competition keeping prices down.  Or, to be more accurate, slowing down the rate of increase! Funeral Planning companies are also trying hard to improve their offers – some offering discounts, others adding additional guarantees, at least to cremation plans.  Some are also quietly removing benefits. The Direct Cremation market (with no ceremony) is growing too; it is much cheaper, but certainly only for a small group of families and friends who truly understand how they work.  It is great that competition is leading major brands to review their operations to maintain market share against the new breed of funeral planning companies, some of who market their products just by paying higher fees to salespeople.  Where such a plan is truly competitive (and it does happen), we reduce the cost to you where we are permitted by contract to do so.

May price rises –  one senior executive said one company is raising prices by up to £300.  But be aware that it isn’t just about cost, it is about the quality of the plan.  Two plans may look identical to you, but they won’t to us.  Just recently, better plans have often been cheaper than inferior ones. So get in touch!! Instalments available, interest free on some plans for several years.

Bad News: (or put another way, call us today or pay more!) Regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority is on the way (in 2021/2). This will have a significant impact on funeral plan providers costs. We estimate the average prices will increase by nearly 10% to account for additional paperwork.  Security will be even stronger, but the market will be less competitive and innovation will be discouraged.  Worse still, Independent Advice – like ours – could be driven out of the market.  Why? The FCA intends to introduce a provider controlled enforcement scheme and we will potentially have to adopt entirely different procedures for recommending the plans of each of the 20 plus providers. We are determined to stay independent if it is humanly possible, and don’t want to suffer the fate that most Independent Financial Advisers did when the FCA took over – try getting genuine independent financial advice these days if you are not wealthy!

Apparently, funerals are the biggest single items on credit cards they generally have to be paid for in advance of the event.