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Prepaid Funeral Plan Reviews: getting the best buy funeral plan market is going to become more expensive with providers soon being required to operate under Regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority. In the meanwhile, we are working hard to keep up to date with over 100 plans which we keep under review, for the sole reason of giving you the best possible recommendations.  No sales pressure, no callers, just the information and help on 0800 0588 240 if you want any questions answered.

Funeral Plan ReviewsMake no mistake, consumers will be paying for this extra layer of consumer protection, so the sooner you get a plan sorted, the better.  Current consumer protection is actually very strong – there are problems, which could be solved quite simply, but there you go, at least FCA will be recruiting for some nice plum jobs!!

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We are pretty sure that the only way for funeral costs to go is UP – with increased Regulation of plans and potentially funeral directors too. Costs are only going one way, so it will pay to act as soon as possible, even if that means paying over a period. 0800 0588 240.

But on the positive side, one firm has added a major feature to their plans which is really important if you can’t afford to pay in one go. (NOW LAUNCHED – call us for details). Contact us for the latest advice as the market changes most weeks. Plus our bonus package worth up to £595. There are two or three plans we consider to be genuine bargains, if they are right for you. Just give us a call on 0800 0588 240 between 9 am and 9 pm 7 days a week.

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A friends mother died recently.  The funeral cost £4,795.  At the same time, the exact same funeral as a prepaid plan, with the same undertaker would have cost £3,250.  That is £1,545 which could have been saved with a little planning.  Imagine the difference if she had gone in 10 years time. At a modest 4% annual increase, it would cost £7481.67 then. But back to changes in the market:

Two major players have put prices up so far this year – one by a stonking 10%, the other a more humble £100. Now another has added over £200 to most of their plans.

Take advantage of 2019s lowest prices before the rest follow – they are not going down!

2019 was shaping up to be potentially a good year for clients of the Prepaid Funeral Review with more competition keeping prices down.  Or, to be more accurate, slowing down the rate of increase! Funeral Plan companies are also trying hard to improve their offers – some offering discounts, others adding additional guarantees, at least to cremation plans.  Some are also quietly removing benefits. The Direct Cremation market (with no ceremony) is growing too; it is much cheaper, but certainly only for a small group of families and friends who truly understand how they work.  It is great that competition is leading major brands to review their operations to maintain market share against the new breed of funeral plan companies, some of who market their products just by paying higher fees to salespeople.  Where such a plan is truly competitive (and it does happen), we reduce the cost to you where we are permitted by contract to do so.

Who needs professional advice?

For the unwary, I have just discovered a seriously awful plan which looks quite attractive until you read their blurb very carefully. Their plans are called Inflation-linked Cash Funeral Plans. Sounds great until you discover that the maximum inflation rate they allow for is 2.4% (well under half funeral cost inflation).  To make matters worse, once the “interest” is added, it is NOT inflation-linked, so you will steadily fall further and further behind even basic inflation. In effect what they are offering is an appallingly bad savings plan. And they say they are Regulated!  Take the monthly option and things get worse.  You have been warned! Incidentally, we have complained to the FCA as the firm in question are implying that they are regulated. I wonder if they will do anything?

Regulation could be a mixed blessing.

In the financial services sector, there is now much less competition, many excellent products have all but vanished and the availability of advice has been cut by more than 90%.  The quality of advice is probably better – for those who can afford it!  Let us hope that the Regulation of Prepaid Funeral Plans – which must be welcomed – is proportionate, cost-effective and actually helps all consumers rather than the wealthy.   Let us hope the Financial Conduct Authority has learned from their decimation of the personal financial advice sector! As one of a tiny breed of Independent Funeral Plan advisers, we should in theory benefit, but past experience has not supported that.

Funeral Plan Improvements.

More good news – the number of truly competitive products on the market is going up! The Funeral Plan Review teams job is getting harder – one day there were 3 major changes which needed to be checked out! Some products and firms are a little too new to judge, others are solid long-standing funeral plan providers who have added specific guarantees to their cremation plans. It makes a change to have good news, and with one of the top funeral plan providers has set the cat amongst the pigeons by dramatically cutting prices – but for how long?

But back to advising on funeral plans: are you ready to go ahead? Or just thinking? Chose option 1 or 2 below:

Incidentally, SunLife’s 2018 Cost of Dying Report reveals that the cost of an average funeral is now £4,271. That’s an increase of 122% since 2004 – well above inflation. At that rate, in another 10 years, the average cost of a funeral could be over £7,500**.

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No plan covers everything, so you need to know what you want:

We lay the truth bare here.

Almost every other firm that sells funeral plans advises on only ONE company’s plans when there are at least 19 main firms supplying them, so you have, at best, a one in nineteen chance of getting the most suitable company – never mind plan! There are dozens of other firms who “badge” the products of those underlying companies.

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I wanted a prepaid funeral plan but didn’t know where to start looking as there are so many out there. 
Then I found this gem, The Prepaid Funeral Review Service. And what a find. They asked me what kind of funeral I would like and then based on my answers, they sent me details of two companies which offered just what I wanted. They encouraged me to ask as many questions as I needed (I had quite a few) and explained everything to me in simple terms so there were no misunderstandings or ambiguity. 
I took out one of the plans they recommended and I am very pleased I did. I can’t fault their customer service and helpfulness. I would recommend this company as the place to start if you are looking to purchase a prepaid funeral plan. Well done!

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Fast Approaching – the Prepaid Funeral Plans Price Rise Season.

prepaid funeral plansPrice rises can easily be avoided by acting now, rather than delaying. Even if that means paying over time (up to 10 years – you can always pay them off early). We really can’t see prices going down. That said, one of the big mistakes people make is to be rushed into buying just because of a price rise!  Being pushed into buying an already expensive plan which may be far from the best is not sensible.   So call us first, for genuinely independent advice. It is a free 5 minute chat, without obligation. At worst, it will help you decide what you are looking for in a funeral plan. Please leave a message even when the office is closed: we will get back to you.  The 5 minutes talking to us could save a great deal of time, money and grief for those left behind. And we read the small print for you!

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Why the Prepaid Funeral Plan Review?

There are lots of varying features on which to choose prepaid funeral plans.   Some plans have a tremendous sales pitch and massive disadvantages, others have modest features which can make all the difference in your precise circumstances – but be pointless to another person.   It is about in-depth knowledge and finding out what you need. The Prepaid Funeral Plan Review team will help you decide which of these issues matter most to you so that you can make an informed choice and make the right choice of plan for your unique circumstances.  Too many people buy from the first leaflet they come across, or send off for lots of brochures (and then get totally confused!)  The Prepaid Funeral Review even offers a personal advice service if you don’t have the time and expertise to study each plan in detail.

Rather than the first funeral plan you come across, which may not be the most right one for YOU, why not let us guide you through the maze of funeral plans?

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