10 most expensive funeral locations

The top 10 most expensive funeral locations in the UK:

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

According to Royal London, these are the top ten most expensive funeral areas.  Burial is normally more expensive than cremation, as the plot needs to be purchased and the grave dug. With the notable exception of Alford, all the cheapest funerals are cremations.

Interestingly, prepaid funeral plans level out the costs significantly, so they are an even better buy in expensive areas, though burial will still add substantially to the cost. So here we go with the most expensive funeral areas:

 Beckenham Kent Burial £6,899
 New Southgate London Burial £6,854.
 Putney Vale London Burial £6,707
 Twickenham, London Burial £6,539
 Enfield Cemetery & Crematorium, London Burial £6,359.
 Lambeth London Burial £6,017
 Leatherhead, Surrey Burial £6,011.
 Redbridge, London Burial £5,754
 Merton, Surrey Burial £5,747.
 Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey Burial £5,724.

The top 10 cheapest locations to have a funeral in the UK:

 Thatcham West Berkshire Burial £2,995.
 Greenock Scotland Cremation £2,986
 Nottingham Cremation £2,981
 Alford, Lincolnshire Burial £2,978.
 Bangor Crematorium, Wales Cremation £2,961
 Woodvale Crematorium (Brighton & Hove), West Sussex Cremation £2,952.
 Downs Crematorium (Brighton), West Sussex Cremation £2,948
 Amersham ,Buckinghamshire Burial £2,924
 Gwent Crematorium, Wales Cremation £2,875.
 Belfast Crematorium, Northern Ireland Cremation £2,859.

There are some interesting footnotes in the Royal London Report:

1) The total number of deaths in the UK in 2013 was 576,458. 19% of survey respondents said they struggled to meet funeral costs. This represents a UK-wide number of 109,527. The level of funeral debt is calculated by multiplying the number of people who struggled to meet funeral costs by the average debt taken on (£1,304.95).  This totals £142,927,285.

2.  A Public Health Funeral (sometimes known as a Pauper’s Funeral) is basic, often with no choice about the type of funeral given, the date, time or location. They are arranged when nobody is willing or able to make arrangements for the deceased, so their local authority must make arrangements under the terms of Section 46 of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984. The local authority is permitted to recover any costs they incur in making the funeral arrangements from the estate of the deceased, including selling their possessions.

3. To be eligible for a Social Fund Funeral Payment – the applicant must claim within 3 months of the death, be in receipt of certain benefits or tax credits. They must also meet rules about their relationship with the deceased.
Eligibility rules are set out at: www.gov.uk/funeral-payments/eligibility. The Social Fund Funeral Payment cap goes towards ‘other funeral expenses’ such as the funeral directors’ fee, coffin, religious costs, flowers etc.
Funeral directors’ fees, which can be met out of the Social Fund Funeral Payments fund, are capped at £700 and have been frozen since 2003.

It is clearly even more important to organise a prepaid funeral plan if you live in an expensive funeral location.  But that doesn’t mean that they are not a great boon to those left behind in any part of the UK.