Facebook Chats About Funeral Planning

Not many Facebook Chats about Funeral Planning

Facebook chats about funeral planning are not common, apparently!  Despite being a chatterbox nation addicted to Facebook and Twitter, there is still one subject that is off-limits – talking about death and dying. A recent survey conducted on behalf of Golden Leaves Funeral Plans has found that more than half of UK adults aged 50+ say they have not spoken to their family or close friends about their funeral wishes. This despite 40% admitting to thinking about their own mortality every week.

It seems that many people actively avoid the conversation and often change the subject rather than tackle this deeply personal issue about funeral planning. In fact, some prefer to discuss how much money they earn or their sex lives, and not tempt fate and have an open discussion about what kind of death or funeral they prefer.

17% of those surveyed said they are unsure about how to raise the subject.  27% prefered to leave the arrangements to others when the time comes to say goodbye. However, these avoidance tactics could be costing families dear in the long run.  A worrying 59% of people saying they had made no financial preparation for their own funeral, leaving their families to foot the bill once they are gone.

“Talking about funeral planning is never easy,”

notes Barry Floyd, Operations and Marketing Director at Golden Leaves Funeral Plans. “Yet pre-arranging and pre-paying at today’s prices helps to ease the financial burden on your loved ones.”

The average cost of a UK funeral in 2011 was £3,091 – an increase of 61% over the last seven years.  With one in five families struggling to pay the bill for funerals for loved ones, Barry emphasises the importance of making wishes known and planning accordingly to avoid leaving a costly legacy for close relatives.

In response to growing demand for ecologically friendly funerals, Golden Leaves recently launched ‘The Ultimate Green Funeral Plan’ in conjunction with eco-coffin manufacturer JC Atkinson. The UK’s first UK-wide pre-paid ‘green’ funeral package guarantees that Funeral Directors fees are frozen at today’s prices and has three different options – Glade, Meadow and Woodland.

The Prepaid Funeral Review helps people make the best choices about funeral planning and the purchase of prepaid funeral plans.  Contact us for more information about funeral planning through prepaid funeral plans.