Advance Funeral Wishes – Make Sure Yours are known

and how our special service can help you set up your funeral wishes long in advance (and it is FREE at the moment)…..

advance funeral wishes
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I was reminded by the recent article in Sun Life’s Cost of Death 2021 just how important it is to ensure that your family know and understand YOUR funeral wishes.  Why? Because it just one more flashpoint that is avoided when everyone piles in with different ideas of what your preferences would have been.  If no one has a record of them, then there will almost inevitably be disagreements.  Don’t be part of the unprepared majority when we can organise professional help at zero cost (as long as the offer lasts) – just give us a call on 0800 0588 240.

The article on planning your funeral before you die (when better?) continues after their disconcerting conclusions:

What do we know about our loved ones’ funeral wishes?
Whether their loved one wanted a burial or a cremation 55%
If they wanted a religious or non-religious service 41%
The location of their preferred cemetery or burial-ground 32%
Whether they wanted their ashes scattered, interred or disposed 29%
Their preferred funeral director 27%
Who they wanted to arrange the funeral 14%
Their preference for any music/readings 26%
Their preferred charity for donation 22%
Which type of coffin or casket (e.g. wood, wicker, cardboard) 16%
Who to invite to the funeral 14%
Their preferred venue for the wake or post-funeral gathering 12%
What type of flowers they wanted 13%
No, I did not know any of the preferences 17%

This is a property professional service, not just a simple funeral wishes template.  A professional celebrant will talk you through things and help you decide how you would like things to happen.  Once completed, you will have a copy to put where it is easily found (probably with the funeral plan we can organise for you!) That will guide whoever actually runs the service, whether it be a minister or a friend and make their lives much easier.

The celebrant will also offer to work with you on your life’s story for the eulogy – the part of the service where someone talks about you and the positive story of your life.  Only you know all of it. Your children will only know part of it, because they were not around for the first third.  Nothing is more embarrassing at a funeral than having someone who clearly didn’t know you making a mess of what can be the best and most closing part of a funeral.

If you buy a funeral plan through us and don’t want the legal bonuses, we may be able to pay for your eulogy to be prepared – but even if not, their fee for that service is currently halved.

So – even if you don’t want a funeral plan – or you already have one – we’re happy to help.  Just use the contact form or call me on 0800 0588 240.