Age UK Dignity celebrate 25 years

Age UK and Dignity celebrate 25 year anniversary helping older people with funeral planning

(You will appreciate that this is a PRESS RELEASE so rather one sided!) For a review of the Age UK Funeral Plan click the link.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

The saving – which is perfectly valid – refers to how much people saved by having a funeral plan to pay the funeral expense having bought if a few years earlier.  Age UK funeral plans are not especially cheap!)

The Age UK Dignity Funeral Plan has saved customers on average over £1,000.*

Age UK and Dignity are celebrating a 25 year collaboration in 2014, providing funeral planning assistance to older people across the country. Within that period the partnership has provided over 350,000 Age UK Funeral Plans helping customers in later life to take control of their funeral planning.  The Age UK partnership with Dignity accounts for just under 20% of all live funeral plans in existence in the UK today.

Funerals can be expensive, often costing more than £3,000.  Costs for them have continued to rise faster than the rate of inflation for the last 10 years. Critical to its success, an Age UK funeral plan allows customers to fix their funeral costs at today’s prices and protect against future increases.  For Age UK Funeral Plan customers whose funeral plan was needed in 2012, over £7.2 million was saved this equates to an average saving of over £1,000 per customer.*

The Age UK Funeral Plan has proved to be a valuable way of helping older people take the worry and stress out of funeral planning. The Funeral Plan market has grown significantly in the last five years with over 74,000 plans arranged in 2008 to over 135,000 in 2013, and indications are it is likely this growth will continue.**

Gordon Morris, Managing Director of Age UK Enterprises, said: “Our collaboration with Dignity has spanned a successful 25 years where we have provided customers with the peace of mind that their funeral planning is taken care of.

“Our customers tell us that paying for their funeral is a significant concern for them, both emotionally and financially. Age UK and Dignity have done more than any other organisation to help people of all ages understand the benefits of planning ahead with a funeral plan. The market has grown considerably as a result and we will remain at the leading edge of actively promoting the benefits of the Age UK Funeral Plan.”

The Age UK Funeral Plan guarantees that the cremation funeral costs covered by the plan are met in full, meaning less worry and financial strain for all involved.

Any customers that buy an Age UK Funeral Plan before 30 March 2014 will get £25 off the price of any of our three Plans. (Ed: and we guarantee to beat that hansomely in most cases – contact the Prepaid Funeral Review Team for INDEPENDENT ADVICE)

Notes :

* Calculation based on the total amount customers paid at the point of purchase for the 7,142 Age UK Funeral Plans which were used to arrange a funeral in 2012 compared to the price of the closest equivalent Age UK Funeral Plan that could have been purchased in 2012. The total saving was calculated as £7,248,153 equating to an average across the 7,142 plans of £1014.86.

** Funeral Planning Authority –