Age UK Funeral Plans


Age UK Essex is urging consumers to ask for a written quote upfront when buying funeral services to ensure they don’t get caught out by hidden charges.

(Read our Age UK Funeral Plan Review.

At the Prepaid Funeral Review, we would urge you to read our review of Age UK Funeral Plans – you may be surprised! Their cremation plan is good, but pretty expensive. We always ensure people get a written quote, including the costs of most of the major plans, plus full details of the plan we recommend.) Age UK continues:

With funeral costs on the rise in recent years, many people ask for a basic funeral quote in the hope that it will be the most cost-effective option. But to avoid any unpleasant surprises when the final bill arrives, it is essential to clarify what is included and which goods and services have to be paid for as extras before booking anything.

Peter Bland, Trading Manager at Age UK Essex said. “Before purchasing a funeral always ask for a written quote which outlines all the costs. Make sure that you clarify upfront exactly what is included in the price and that it covers all the services you require. A cheap offer at first sight can turn out rather more expensive if you have to pay extra for many additional items.

“Those who want to protect themselves against future price rises should consider a funeral plan. It makes financial sense, as you’re effectively paying for your funeral at today’s prices. This not only means that the financial burden won’t fall on loved ones. It also ensures that your personal wishes can be carried out.  That can be a great source of comfort for family at an upsetting time.”

Age UK’s Funeral Plans enable people to fix the cost of their cremation funeral at today’s prices and remove the worry about rising inflation. They are designed specifically for those in later life and offer flexible plans and payment methods to suit different requirements. The Age UK Funeral Plan guarantees that the funeral costs covered by the plan are met in full and at today’s prices, meaning less worry and financial strain for all involved.

Age UK Funeral Plans may not be most suited to your needs, nor will they necessarily be the most economical option for you.  It is possible that contact us will save a lot of your money.  But do at least read our latest review. Just click the link below.

Age UK Funeral Plans.