Another 50% Rise in Funeral Costs. What to do?

Another 50% increase in funeral costs is on the way. What to do?

Funeral Plan Quotes
Funeral Plan Quotes

Cash poor local authorities are sometime dramatically increasing the cost of death.  This is leading to pay day loans, Facebook fundraising pages and people being left in freezers while the family try to scrape together the necessary funds.  In one case, the undertaker apparently refused to part with the ashes until the final bill had been paid. At death, there is a captive audience, who are pretty much forced to pay whatever is asked, and it is possible the commercially minded firms might use this as an opportunity to sell more expensive coffins and other non-essentials.  That’s fine if the family have the money, but an increasing number do not, which is an even strong reason for looking a prepaid funeral plans.

Don’t forget that funeral directors are not in business to be debt collectors – the last thing they want to do is chase people for money.  So increasingly, they want to be paid in advance, especially as they will be liable for payments to the crematorium etc which are starting to reach the £1,000 mark in many area in 2016 with Beckenham, Crawley, Chichester, Leatherhead and Nuneaton as near as makes no difference charging that much already.  For burials, some cemeteries in London are charging more than £3,200 just for the right to use a grave for 40 years.

Many people buy life insurance instead of  funeral plan, and we have set out our comments on the debate comparing Over 50s Insurance to prepaid funeral plans.

Apparently, the Work and Pensions Committee has called on the Competition and Markets Authority to investigate the prices being charged by the big funeral director chains.  Whilst some of the larger firms do have good quality prepaid schemes and good terms (which we can offer) the same is not true of all.  Whilst we have seen the damage that insensitive regulation does in other markets, we are very concerned that the so called Regulator (actually a club) of the funeral plan market is happy to accept practices which have no place in a modern society.

The perfect solution to these issues is not always available or indeed affordable, but a decent prepaid funeral plan takes away much of the stress and deals with most if not all of the financial issues.   So why not get started today, we’ll do the research for you, and maybe you can afford to shoulder the burden yourself, you may be surprised.

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