Ashes to Vinyl

So you want to make a record?

Ashes to Vinyl

Ashes to Vinyl – not for everyone.

Fancy doing a spot of serious haunting after you’re gone?

Then having your ashes converted to a vinyl record with a recording of your voice could be the very thing you have been dreaming of!

We suspect that you would have to be a serious vinyl record enthusiast to consider this particular type of funeral memorial.  And it isn’t cheap!

Funeral Plan QuotesBut if you are well heeled and fancy your ashes being converted to vinyl after your death, why not go the whole hog and have a painting created with vinyl paint and your ashes?   James Hague (who has been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery) will be happy to oblige.   And your friends can have prints of his painting.

For either of these interesting ashes  to vinyl options, click on the link at the foot oif the page.