Bio Cremation

Bio Cremation – The Future is Green?

Bio Cremation technology replaces the use of flame with water, mixed with potassium hydroxide (KOH).  Normal cremation by reduces the body to its basic elements through the use of heat.                                                                          Green Funeral Plans Page.

The body goes into a pressurised stainless steel cremation chamber where water and alkali are automatically added and heated to 350°F. Water, alkali, heat and pressure working in harmony are gently circulated over the body. This causes a reaction that begins and completes the cremation process.

Bio Cremation

Breaking down of the body is going to happen, it is just a matter of how. Burial, flame cremation or Bio Cremation, the end result is the same. The difference between burial, flame cremation or Bio Cremation is the time and the “catalyst” chosen to make the transition.

With burial, it may take 25 years for micro organisms to reduce the body to bones.
With normal flame cremation, it takes approximately 2-3 hours and the catalyst is flame created by natural gas or propane and oxygen.

Bio Cremation: the transition takes 2-3 hours and the catalysts are water and potassium hydroxide.

Any of these choices starts with a body and eventually ends the same way. With Bio Cremation, the negative residual effects our end of life decision will have on the planet are reduced.

Bio Cremation: No Acid and No Boiling

No acid is used in bio cremation which is a gentle water based cremation process. The chemical used added to the water is an alkaline called potassium hydroxide (KOH).

Another misconception is that bio cremation “boils” the body.

In bio cremation the body is reduced, bone fragments are rinsed and the remaining by-product is a sterile fluid which can be recycled. What makes this process so environmentally friendly and even greener than flame based cremation is that there are almost zero air emissions (particulates, greenhouse gases, carbon monoxide, mercury, etc.)

Bio Funeral Caskets & Services.

A traditional wood or cardboard casket can’t be consumed in the Bio Cremation process the US creators of the bio cremation process have a silk cremation container within a stainless steel frame that is introduced into a standard “rental casket” for viewing. After the memorial service is over the silk cremation container and stainless steel frame (holding your loved one), can be removed from the rental casket and placed directly into the bio cremation equipment. The silk cremation container is consumed during the cremation cycle and the now sterile insert is removed and reused.

Bio Cremation Clothing Options

Since Bio Cremation™ can only accommodate protein based material; clothing on the deceased must be made of silk, wool or leather which is consumed during the cremation process. To simplify a family’s decision on attire, we’ve designed an attractive silk robe, appropriate for visitation and/or viewing. The robe will be simply consumed along with the body during the bio cremation process leaving only sterile white bone fragments. We support the desire for dignity and respect and are committed to provide bio-products that facilitate this process and the desires of the family.

Bio Cremations – The Future?

We have adapted this article from a US site, if you are interested you may wish to visit bio cremations site.

Enquire about funeral plans – but not yet bio funerals as far as we know!

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