Burial Funeral Plans – Advice Will Be Needed

Burial Funeral Plans – a little more complex.

Burial funeral plans are relatively unusual these days, so if your wish is for your funeral plan to pay for your burial, you are even more in need of independent advice than most people.

Funeral Plan Quotes
Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plans can readily be organised to allow for burial, but they don’t generally include the purchase of the actual burial plot. So a burial Funeral Plan will pay for the burial, but leave the family to find both the plot and pay for it.

To make matters worse, there may not be a burial plot available in the local area, which may mean the family not only paying for the burial plot, but also paying extra for the funeral director who now has to travel more miles than allowed for in the original funeral plan agreement (it is common for the mileage to be limited to 20 miles, with any more being chargeable extras.)

Woodland Burial Funeral Plans to the rescue?

Burial plots are just not available in may city and large town areas – all the old cemeteries are full.   The only slight improvement in availability is that Woodland burial grounds are becoming a little more popular and available.   But as commercial operations, they are not going to be a cheap option as an add on to your burial funeral plan.

Burial Funeral Plans Summary:

Insurance based funeral plans are pretty useless in this area, as they generally have no inflation proofing at all, so they usually won’t even pay for the basics unless you expire just after the two years (or whatever period it is) when you don’t get paid out if you die to soon, and you opted for a high enough premium and level of cover.

Burial Funeral Plans Advice.

At the Prepaid Funeral Review, we can help you put together a solution which is as good as possible, though we wouldn’t pretend that burial funeral plans are the easiest to advise on.   But they certainly are one area where Independent Advice is absolutely essential.