Burial Plots Shortage

Parliament Dicusses Burial Plot Shortage.

With an ever expanding population, and the post war baby boomer population aging, there is massive pressure on burial plots.  In many areas there are virtually none left, with Church graveyards having been filled many years ago.

Action is needed for those who wish to choose a burial plot.

Indeed, there is talk of the Church of England offering a discount on services where the deceased is to be cremated!

The situation is dire in many city areas, with even paths and car parks being pressed into use as grave space, according to the Telegraphs report on burial plots.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Rural areas are increasingly turning to “green” burial sites so at least they have an alternative.  But the mood of the public, as far as our independent funeral plan advisers conversations with clients indicate, is away from conventional burial towards cremation which is generally cheaper. But the various green/ forest burial sites are growing in popularity as they become more widely available.   The link to green burial sites above lists the ones we are aware of so far – do let us know of any more we can add.

For those of you who wish to be buried, it is something that should be organised at the earliest financially possible moment if you know where you would prefer your resting place to be.  It is an added expense, but can be incorporated into the cost of a funeral plan.  Burial plots generally have to be paid for in one go, but we can almost always spread the cost of the actual prepaid funeral plan.

Generally speaking, our independent funeral plan advisers can arrange 12 months interest free installments with most prepaid funeral plan providers.  And if those are still too high for you, there are all sorts of other options available to ease the strain on your bank account as well as on those left behind.

After all, that is really the point, to minimise the financial and emotional stress on those left behind.  And to reduce the likelihood of quarrels over what you would have wished: sadly, these are an all to common cause of family splits where emotional, caring individuals vent their distress in ways which are not their usual cooperative style and take entrenched and opposing positions over what may actually be tiny, insignificant details.

Why not contact us today to plan for the inevitable, for you and your parents? There is no charge for our services, and we can often offer discounts over normal published prices.  Funeral plans are NOT all the same.