Burial Prices Rising

Burial Prices Rising

– FJP Investment Ltd Launches UK Cemetery Investment

(NB This is their press release and we in no way endorse any investment other than prepaid funeral plans which are far more suitable for most!  According to their site
“Plots are purchased at £1850 each and sold for a minimum of £2595”  Investors should check to ensure that both prices are realistic in the area.  Ed.)

London Burial Prices

In many London boroughs, the cost of burials is touching £5,000 – almost double the price of a couple of years ago.

It was recently announced The Church of Scotland is to investigate the spiralling price of burials, after concerns were raised about a local authority which is charging more than £1,800.

The Kirk’s Church and Society Council is to address the issue of so-called “funeral poverty” caused by the sharp rise in the price of burial plots and other associated charges. The move was prompted by the experience of the Rev Sarah Ross, minister of Forth St Paul’s Parish Church in South Lanarkshire.

She said that her local authority demanded £1,883 up front to carry out a burial – £1,120 to buy the lair (grave) then £763 to “open it.”

This represents a 183 per cent rise in South Lanarkshire over the cost of burial in 2009, and compares to a cost of a cremation in a council-run crematorium of just £565.

A single lair can hold three caskets, with a charge of £763 for each of the subsequent two occasions that the plot is reopened.

But when expenses including the wake and flowers are thrown in, the average cost of dying in Britain is a whopping £7,114, according to the GMB union.

Spokesman Harry Donaldson said: “When council charges are included, the average funeral costs are £3,284 and the total costs average more than £7,000.

“Someone is making a lot of cash out of bereavement. At a time when the cost of living occupies most people’s concerns, it will be a shock to many in Scotland that the cost of dying is so high.

Burial Prices Solution?

FJP Investment Ltd is proud to be in the privileged position to step in with private funding to develop new cemeteries at a time when councils are effectively cash strapped and choosing to spend scarce resources elsewhere.

“The launch of Farnham Park Cemetery, Surrey will help towards meeting the demand in the region, but more needs to be done,” said Tom Roberts, Spokesperson of FJP Investment Ltd.

The Cemetery is within one mile of Farnham town centre, nestling in the natural beauty of the North Downs and bordering Farnham Park. Just 15 minutes’ drive from the M3, the Cemetery will serve the population of Surrey, Hampshire as well as South and South West London.

Farnham Park’s location in proximity to major road links means it is easily accessible by car. The offering of woodland burials will have the effect of drawing a larger catchment as these are scare compared to traditional grounds.

“We have a limited supply of Cemetery Plots for sale to investors, once they are gone – they are gone. Though we are actively in talks with our partners to keep up with the demand from our investors,” added Roberts of FJP Investment Ltd.

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