Buy The Right Funeral Plan

How to Buy the Right Funeral Plan.

Funeral Plans are all the same aren’t they?  NO, absolutely not!

Our Research Team spends hour and hours going over how prepaid funeral plans are set up.   Indeed, we very often know more about them than the sales teams who are selling them.  We also regularly point out to the funeral plan companies mistakes in their marketing material which could lead people to think they are getting benefits which they will not.  In the last week, that has happened on three occasions, which is pretty shocking.

When someone is trying to sell you a specific plan you have to assume that they are not going to tell you that plan has major disadvantages. With our research capability, we usually find the flaws pretty quickly.  Some of them are so bad that in our opinion, the plans should not be on the market.

Here are some ways you can avoid buying the wrong funeral plan.

  1. Don’t even consider a non-profit whole of life plan such as the Sun Life plan touted by  Michael Parkinson.  Read about the disadvantages here.  Unless you have talked to us and there is no way you can afford even the most basic of funeral plans.  Then they do have a place if – and only if – your finances are stable.
  2. Buy from a pushy funeral plan salesman, perhaps over the phone.  You can’t possibly grasp the full details without sitting down quietly reading the brochure and Terms and Conditions.  With us, we have a brief chat (typically minutes) then send you a written recommendation with the prices of alternative plans.
  3. Funeral Plans which pay the undertaker but not the third party expenses which are typically between half and a third of the final cost.  That could be a nasty shock when your family believe you have a proper funeral plan.   They do have their place, perhaps topping up one of the Over 50s insurances.  They are also much better than nothing, but the family need to understand their limitations.
  4. Not comparing the brochure with the terms and conditions, which hardly anyone reads.  The two documents surprisingly often do not agree with each other!
  5. Direct Cremation plans are relatively inexpensive – but they will upset those left behind if they are not aware of how they work.  Very few people will really be happy to advise friends and family, which is essential.   They are great, in the right circumstances, and thought through.
  6. Burial Plans do NOT include the cost of the burial plot/grave.  They can cost upwards of £1,000 or even £2,000.  That is if there are any available in your area when you expire.
  7. Avoid comparison sites unless you are certain they are independent.  Even the recent Fairer Finance Report list several “independent” review sites which were not independent (we are INDEPENDENT, and fiercely so – our mission is to find the right funeral plan for our clients.) No cost to you,

These are just some of the reason for having a chat with us and getting some independent advice on choosing the right funeral plan.  Out of hours, please do use the enquiry form, or you can leave a message on our free phone number 0800 0588 240 if you prefer. We will not pressure you, we’ll leave you to make up your own mind.  All we ask is that you use the form we supply if you decide to take our advice. And did we mention the bonuses we offer?

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