Cancel a Funeral Plan

Cancelling a funeral plan is far from ideal, but these comments may help:

  • If it is an Over 50s non-profit whole of life, cancel it and you will get nothing back.
  • If you have just bought a plan and have changed your mind, there are penalties for cancelling unless you do it VERY quickly. Some plans allow only 14 days, others are a bit more generous at 28 to 30 days.  After that, there will usually be a fairly substantial penalty taken off any refund.
  • Some providers will allow you to have a payment holiday, so your finances can recover without being penalised. But ASK them before doing anything.
  • Always advise the company direct, by phone and in writing as well as the agent – who might be on holiday, and the delay could create an unnecessary penalty.
  • If you wish to cancel a plan to get some cash, make sure you will get some and not lose everything BEFORE you request cancellation. Just ring the company and explain the situation.  The best you can get back is what you put in due to the regulations.
  • You can usually cancel a direct debit to get a few days grace before sorting out a new one, but that is not recommended – always talk to the funeral plan company direct before taking any action.  Most will try to help.