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Dignity – We’re Better Value Than Co-op!

Dignity v Coop Funeral Plans.

Which is best – Dignity or Coop – or someone else? (as at September 2015).

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

There is no substitute to getting INDEPENDENT advice before choosing a funeral plan.  It costs nothing, and could save a mistake.  Few people realise quite how many different factors need to be taken into account when you are choosing a funeral plan.   As Harry Will might say – FIGHT!!

This is Dignity PR:   This is Dignitys first punch – we look forward to hearing from the Coop!

But seriously, let us take the strain and fill in our simple enquiry form.

Or if you are just looking for a review of Dignity Funeral Plans.  Please note that the prices change all the time, and whilst we update our data for recommendations in house, that data is NOT published on the site.

For your reference the cost of the COOP funeral plan range has increased in comparison to the Dignity Plan as follows:

Dignity Plan




Price Difference.

The Dignity Chiltern


Coop Bronze



The Dignity Malvern


Coop Silver



The Dignity Highland


Coop Gold*



*only contains 1 limousine.

Don’t forget that like COOP we (Dignity) guarantee the cremation, doctors and officiants fee’s within the plan. Most competitor products don’t offer even though these fees are rising fast, possibly leaving the family with additional expense at the time of need.

In addition, the benefits of the Dignity Funeral plan include.

  • ·         Simple easy to understand options and application process.
  • ·         Comprehensive membership documents including an executor pack explaining what to do at the time of need.
  • ·         An independent and secure trust fund with over 85,000 members.
  • ·         Highest burial contribution in the UK at £1030.
  • ·         The only provider to offer your client 24/7 support once they take out a plan.
  • ·         Up to 10 year instalments for those who do not wish to pay by lump sum, at far better rates than most alternative providers.

Contact the experts at the PrePaid Funeral Review to find out which of these companies – if either – offer a product which is right for YOU.

Our contact details are here.