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Six Things You Should Know About Direct Cremation

This choice of a Direct Cremation Funeral Plan is much more than just about cost – although an important factor. At little more than half the cost of an average standard funeral plan they certainly look appealing…..but do read our personal view as well as this article from a provider dedicated to the concept. There is more detail of the providers here.

The rising cost of funerals and increased demand from mourners for a better way to approach planning a loved ones’ funeral has led to a rapid rise in the popularity of direct cremations in recent years.

A virtually unknown concept in the UK just five years ago, an estimated 14,000 people per year in the UK alone are now opting for this service.

Catherine Powell, Customer Experience Director at Pure Cremation  said the service is hugely popular in America, with the most notable direct cremations in recent months being David Bowie and Prince, and is fast growing in the UK where families are recognising it as a liberating and affordable alternative to a funeral.

Catherine said:

“This it is a simple, respectful way for a family to take care of the practical aspects of the cremation and often goes hand in hand with an even more personal memorial service or celebration of their life than the usual “funeral formula” can offer.”

Catherine said that a number of factors are swaying people’s decisions in favour of direct cremations. Among them are:

1. Direct cremation is the perfect answer for people who don’t like funerals.

They are the fastest growing form of funeral in the USA and predicted to take a substantial share of cremations in the UK in the next few years.

2. Choice, convenience and a preference for a no-fuss departure are the main reasons.

Surprisingly, the lower cost is not one of the main reasons that direct cremations are becoming increasingly popular.

3. Direct cremations may not involve a funeral service

but the same standards of respect and dignity are applied to care of the person who has died.

4. Family conflict

This can make a traditional funeral an unbearable ordeal – direct cremation offers the chance for each set of relatives can hold separate memorial events.

5. You still get the deceased’s ashes.*

If you want them, hand delivered by the Pure Cremation team.  In 2014 it was found that more than 25,000 sets of ashes are still waiting to be collected from UK funeral directors.

Catherine added: “Losing a loved one will always be traumatic but direct cremation gives you the time and space to plan the perfect celebration of life later on while we take proper care of the practical aspects.”

Pure Cremation was established by former funeral director Bryan Powell who has a pedigree in the funeral industry spanning nearly 30 years, together with his wife Catherine following a steady increase in enquiries for a direct cremation service.

Family-owned, it is the UK’s only dedicated direct cremation provider which enables the team at Pure Cremation to deliver an impressive level of personal service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at a sensible, transparent price point.

6. Is Direct Cremation right for those left behind? Will they understand?

Having finished with Pure Cremations notes, we would urge readers to talk to us, or at the very least read THIS ARTICLE about the plusses and minuses of Direct Cremation.

  • Ashes are only returned at extra cost by most direct cremation providers.

Funeral Plan Market – Competition Cutting Costs

Exciting Times in the Funeral Plan Market

Massive changes in the market are giving the public even better value and wider choice.  MPs seem to think that prepaid funeral plans are somehow responsible for pushing up the cost of funerals. Professional advisers know that is wrong, and it is nice to have some proof to share. The complete reverse is true: prepaid plans are cutting funeral costs, certainly for those who own them.

In recent days at least four of the major funeral plan providers have introduce exciting (well, to us) new funeral plans. At least two more providers are gently pushing into the market at lower prices.

The Co-op and Dignity have introduced low cost direct cremation plans. (We’re not wildly keen on Direct Cremation plans – see our section on them. The funeral plan market has never been more competitive.

Golden Charter have slashed prices and improved their competitive position substantially.

Both Golden Charter and Safe Hands have introduced interesting new products which slim down the cost of funerals. You do lose a little flexibility, but the costs are much reduced.

As readers will know, the fund holding side of funeral plans is highly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Whatever the Funeral Planning Authority may say, they are not a Regulator.

Providers in the Funeral Plan market must abide by advertising authorities, as must advisers like ourselves, and the Advertising Standards Authority, Trading Standards and the Courts can help anyone who is badly treated by the industry. (We say, always read the small print – there is rarely that much of it in this business!)

Does Parliament Really Want To Reduce Competition and increase Costs?

Members of Parliament have recommended that sales of funeral plans be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. What they don’t understand is that – far from reducing prices and increasing competition, the reverse will happen. Financial Services became regulated in 1988. Around 90% of advisers were eventually driven out of the market, leaving most of the population (other than the wealthy) without advice.  How  Mainly through massive additional cost of complying with and paying for (often) silly rules. I remember sitting in my office when a client asked a simple question to which the answer was obvious to me – it was a Yes/No question. But I couldn’t answer it without going through lots of hoops and backside covering exercise. These days, if you went to a low cost Independent Financial Adviser, that Yes/ No answer would probably cost you £300. That is if you could find an adviser who takes on folk who are not wealthy. The days of free financial advice are gone – at least, if you want it to be independent.

The FCA have pretended to provide non-”advice” themselves and failed dismally, they have introduced hybrid business models and they are now encouraging “robo advice.”

So in nearly 30 years, the population has grown, the need for advice has grown dramatically, and the supply of advice has shrunk by 90% and the number of product suppliers has also shrunk substantially.

So if you want to reduce the number of people taking out funeral plans, reduce competition and allow prices to rise, ask your MP to promote the Financial Conduct Authorities efforts to take on ever more jobsworths.

There are very few independent advisers on funeral plans. We are one. Save the funeral plan market from higher costs and often pointless regulation.  Keep costs down and competition up!

Londoners May Save a Fortune

Hardly the origin of independent advice (sadly) the Daily Telegraph continues its’ campaign to promote Dignity Funeral plans with an article of the areas in which funeral costs are higher.

The interesting thing is that prepaid funeral prices are even more competitive in expensive areas than they are in cheaper areas, so Southerners have even more to gain from prepaid funeral plans.

“Those living in the south of England pay higher funeral costs. As expected, London is the most expensive place to die in the UK, but it may come as a surprise to hear that those living in the capital will pay an average £4,836, that’s 34% more than the national average cost of a funeral today.

As the cost of a funeral continues to increase, those living in the south of England could continue paying well above the national average for their funeral costs.”


Here is the Telegraph article – just remember that it is PR for Dignity Funeral Plans!!

Incidentally, Dignity Funeral Plans are not often top of our recommendation list at the present moment, despite the fact that their prices are yet to go up this year.  Dignity Funeral Plans annual increase this year is on 1st December.  If you are looking for the best prepaid funeral plan for your specific needs, why not contact us for independent advice?

Dignity Funeral Plan Prices Rise 1st December – Good Value?

UP DATE – Dignity prices DROP.


We understand from Dignity Funeral Plans that their next price rise will be of the order of £276. That is quite a big price rise, especially if they are not bet value for you anyway!

So why not contact us for a independent review of your needs, avoid the price rise and instead of a nice pen rbetter value for your hard earned money!

(See our Dignity funeral plan review.)

October 2015.

Age UK Dignity celebrate 25 years

Age UK and Dignity celebrate 25 year anniversary helping older people with funeral planning

(You will appreciate that this is a PRESS RELEASE so rather one sided!) For a review of the Age UK Funeral Plan click the link.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

The saving – which is perfectly valid – refers to how much people saved by having a funeral plan to pay the funeral expense having bought if a few years earlier.  Age UK funeral plans are not especially cheap!)

The Age UK Dignity Funeral Plan has saved customers on average over £1,000.*

Age UK and Dignity are celebrating a 25 year collaboration in 2014, providing funeral planning assistance to older people across the country. Within that period the partnership has provided over 350,000 Age UK Funeral Plans helping customers in later life to take control of their funeral planning.  The Age UK partnership with Dignity accounts for just under 20% of all live funeral plans in existence in the UK today.

Funerals can be expensive, often costing more than £3,000.  Costs for them have continued to rise faster than the rate of inflation for the last 10 years. Critical to its success, an Age UK funeral plan allows customers to fix their funeral costs at today’s prices and protect against future increases.  For Age UK Funeral Plan customers whose funeral plan was needed in 2012, over £7.2 million was saved this equates to an average saving of over £1,000 per customer.*

The Age UK Funeral Plan has proved to be a valuable way of helping older people take the worry and stress out of funeral planning. The Funeral Plan market has grown significantly in the last five years with over 74,000 plans arranged in 2008 to over 135,000 in 2013, and indications are it is likely this growth will continue.**

Gordon Morris, Managing Director of Age UK Enterprises, said: “Our collaboration with Dignity has spanned a successful 25 years where we have provided customers with the peace of mind that their funeral planning is taken care of.

“Our customers tell us that paying for their funeral is a significant concern for them, both emotionally and financially. Age UK and Dignity have done more than any other organisation to help people of all ages understand the benefits of planning ahead with a funeral plan. The market has grown considerably as a result and we will remain at the leading edge of actively promoting the benefits of the Age UK Funeral Plan.”

The Age UK Funeral Plan guarantees that the cremation funeral costs covered by the plan are met in full, meaning less worry and financial strain for all involved.

Any customers that buy an Age UK Funeral Plan before 30 March 2014 will get £25 off the price of any of our three Plans. (Ed: and we guarantee to beat that hansomely in most cases – contact the Prepaid Funeral Review Team for INDEPENDENT ADVICE)

Notes :

* Calculation based on the total amount customers paid at the point of purchase for the 7,142 Age UK Funeral Plans which were used to arrange a funeral in 2012 compared to the price of the closest equivalent Age UK Funeral Plan that could have been purchased in 2012. The total saving was calculated as £7,248,153 equating to an average across the 7,142 plans of £1014.86.

** Funeral Planning Authority –