Direct Cremation

Pure Cremation Crematorium

Pure Cremations Crematorium at Charlton Park Crematorium, Andvover Pure Cremations new crematorium is due to open in early 2019 and will meet the demand in Andover and surrounding areas for funeral services. It will also serve Pure Cremation’s direct cremation customers from across the UK, with interest in this modern alternative continuing to grow after …

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Direct cremation funerals to increase

Direct cremation funerals to  increase to 10% of UK funerals by 2030 Research[1] conducted by Dignity plc, one of the UK’s (self styled) premium funeral directors, shows that 53% of online consumers would consider a David Bowie style funeral for themselves, namely a Direct Cremation. At the Prepaid Funeral Review, we have looked across the …

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Six Things You Should Know About Direct Cremation

Top Six Things You Should Know About Direct Cremation This choice of a Direct Cremation Funeral Plan is much more than just about cost – although an important factor. At little more than half the cost of an average standard funeral plan they certainly look appealing…..but do read our personal view as well as this article from …

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