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Flexible Funeral Plans Are Really Useful

Why Flexible Funeral Plans?

Firstly, the tragic story of Jodie Barden and her two daughters is just one example of the type of situation in which the flexibility of some funeral plans come be incredibly helpful.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Every day people die unexpectedly, or suffer illnesses which drain the family finances. Both can lead to serious financial hardship with no cash to pay for the funeral. Many undertakers have lost money so often that they now insist on advance payment before the funeral can take place.  That is where a truly flexible plan owned by a family member or friend can be a financial and moral support to the bereaved family.  Some prepaid plans are able to allow such a donation without fuss, others (if they will allow it) may allow the plan to be re-assigned but may charge hundreds of pounds for the privilege.

The alternatives for many families are stark:

  1. Go into debt.
  2. Ask the local Council to pay for a paupers funeral.  They may not be willing to do so in many circumstances, and they may want the family to repay them.

Moving Home with Funeral Plans.

Secondly far more people than you might expect move out of the area of their first retirement home.  The most common is moving nearer to children when health starts to fail and more support is needed.  Why spend a fortune on paid help or a care home, when the family can help if you move nearer to them?

The problems arise with some funeral plans if the firm doesn’t have an office in the area you have moved too.  You may have to pay extra transportation costs or have the funeral well away from where you now live.  Worse, you might need to ask for a refund from the old plan (which will usually just be the amount you put in all those years ago, with no interest) and use that as a deposit with the new undertaker.

We at the Prepaid Funeral Plan Review believe that most people are sold a funeral plan without a full and frank discussion of the advantages and disadvantages – which is where we come it, saving time, money and hassle for those left behind.  So why not contact us for an independent view today?   Flexible funeral plans may be just the right thing: no one can be certain what the future holds.