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Coop says Now You REALLY Can Have The LAST Word

Have the last word

An interesting extra gimmick from the Coop – we will be asking other providers if they can do the same things, and we believe several can.  But on with the Press Release.
The Co-operative’s new memorial plan lets you write your own epitaph.

A new funeral planning service which enables people to write and pay for their own epitaph in advance was launched today (22 November) by The Coop Funeralcare.

With more and more people electing to arrange a personalised funeral, The Coop Funeralcare, the UK’s largest provider of funeral planning products, is giving people the chance to say exactly how they would like to be remembered by choosing and writing their own lasting memorial.

The pioneering memorial masonry plan, the first of its kind in the UK, will give consumers the ability to choose the type of lasting memorial they want. There are many types of memorials available, from traditional headstones to slate sculptures.

This plan now means people can choose the material, colour, style, lettering and write the actual inscription for their memorial and pay for it in advance at today’s masonry prices, avoiding any future increases.

The cost of a memorial masonry plan will vary depending on the choice made and the geographical area as the plan will incorporate fees for your specific cemetery or remembrance garden.

There is no limit to the length of an inscription, other than the space available on the memorial. For today’s generation of social networkers familiar with the concept of tweets or posts of 140 characters they’ll certainly have no issues with space and creativity.

The memorial masonry plan is being launched alongside a number of new options for tailor-made funeral plans from The Coop Funeralcare, including a new joint tailor-made funeral plan option which provides peace of mind for couples as the plan can be used for the funeral of either partner.

Unlike over-50s insurance policies which cover some funeral costs, funeral plans from The Coop Funeralcare completely avoid rising funeral prices as they enable you to pay for your funeral in advance at today’s prices. They also help to relieve much of the emotional and financial burden to family and friends left behind as the key arrangements are made and paid for.

Over 100,000 funeral plans were sold across the UK in 2010 showing that more and more people are realising that planning and paying for their funeral in advance makes sense.

Ian Mackie, Managing Director of The Coop Funeral Planning, said:

“With the new Memorial Masonry Plans we take paying in advance for a funeral one step further by enabling people to decide the memorial they want and what actually appears on it. Some local authorities do have restrictions on the type of memorial allowed, but our team will advise on the options available. The plan ensures family members are not left with the emotional and financial burden of making these decisions at a very difficult time.

Prepaid Funeral Review says “If this is really important to you, fill in our prepaid funeral plan questionnaire and we will compare the various plans in accordance with YOUR priorities to suggest which one would be best value for you.!

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Funeral Charges Up 56% at Church of England

Churches of England Funeral Charges Up 56%.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

We have today learned that the Church of England is put funeral charges up 56%.   This will add to the continuing above inflation increases in funeral charges.   Though a church service is not an part of all funerals. Nor is it necessarily specifically covered by prepaid funeral plans.  However, this sort of vast increase can only make it even more important to organise a prepaid funeral plan at the earliest possible time.  That may mean sharing it with your partner, on the basis that the first to die uses the plan.  This is a really useful feature of some plans which greatly simplifies planning for couples who can’t afford to but two prepaid funeral plans at the same time.  It gives them the option of staying with just one, or of buying a second plan (albeit at a higher price) later on.

Most prepaid funeral plans offer an instalment option, typically over 12 to 60 months which can ease the burden.  And if you can afford to pay a deposit, that will reduce the monthly payments too.

All the prepaid funeral plan providers we deal with put your contributions (after admin fees) into a special Trust Fund.  This is run under strict supervision and regularly audited to ensure your cash is protected.  If you have chosen a specific undertaker under one of the prepaid funeral plans we recommend, and the undertaker goes bankrupt, your funeral savings are not affected.  They are in the separate Trust Fund and NOT part of the funeral directors assets.  His creditors have no rights over them.   This is a crucial protection which has not always been available.  In some countries there are regular scandals as individual funeral directors set up prepayment plans and promptly spend them!   It is vitally important to choose a prepaid funeral plan with properly audited Trust Fund arrangements in place.

So why not download our enquiry form today, so we can help you to arrange a nice secure prepaid funeral plan which fits your wishes and your pocket and is secure too?

Churches Funeral Charges up 56%.

Here is the BBC article on the Churches Funeral Charges Up 56%.

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Cost of Funeral Plans in 2018

Cost of Funeral Plans 2018.

The cost of funeral plans varies widely in the UK.  But so does what you get for your money! Some plans “save” on upfront costs by missing out essentials like THE FUNERAL.  Yes, you read it correctly, some funeral plans don’t even make a contribution towards the actual funeral.

At the time of writing, February 2018,  the average funeral plan costs around £3,300, pretty much the same as the average funeral.  But that disguises very wide variations.  Bear in mind that no funeral plan includes the cost of a burial plot itself.   They are set up primarily to cover the cost of a cremation. Alternatively, the allowance for the crematorium fees can be switched towards the cost of digging and refilling a grave which you already own.  Otherwise one will have to be purchased at the time.  The cost and availability of graves varies tremendously and there is no guarantee one will be available at all in some areas.

Do bear in mind that existing graves do not necessarily allow further burials in the same plot, and sometimes the lease on the grave will have run out. Burial plots are not normally sold freehold, but on a lease for a specific number of years.  That lease MAY include the right to additional burials in the same plot during its’ term – more often than not is does not, so please check.

As we were saying above, you can cut the cost of funeral plans dramatically by leaving out some of the basics.  That is fine as long as both you and your family understand that is what you are doing.  Sadly that is often not the case and people buy plans which are missing vital parts or which don’t allow for a service because they don’t understand the small print.  That is where our Research Team comes in.

Ways of reducing the cost of funeral plans.

Some examples:

  1. Plans which pay the funeral directors costs only, not the doctors fees, cost of cremation or the cost of the person conducting the funeral.  That makes a good start on planning, but leaves a good proportion of the cost to be found at the time.  At current rates, about a third. Some of the better plans will let you add more later one, but at the cost at the time, which will be higher.
  2. Either / Or Plans.  Here, a couple buy a single plan to start with.  That plan can be used by whichever of them dies first.  That is often the most financially difficult time.
  3. Buy Over 50s Life InsuranceTo us, this is very much a last resort as these are often appalling contracts with no value if you miss payments.
  4. Direct Cremation Plans can be bought for as little as £1,495. But they are very basic with `all the heartache and anger they can cause if everyone fails to understand there is no friend or family involvement once the deceased is collected, which is usually within hours.  They have their place, but very much with care.
  5. Buying on instalments. Most will let you pay over up to 10 years, fixing the price as at the date you first buy.  Most will offer 12 months interest-free instalments, some even 36 months.  Some will allow as much as 30 years to pay, depending on your age. But longer term means paying extra, but it should still save lots of money in due course.
  6. Our favourite for couples.  Buy two plans, both on an either / or basis, one for cash, or as big a deposit as possible, so it is paid off quickly. And add another plan on long-term instalments, to keep it affordable.

Whatever your needs and wishes are, we will chat things through with you and use our independent expertise to make a suitable recommendation.  We’ll post it to you to consider, along with some alternative quotes, check to see if you have any questions.  Then we’ll leave you to make up your own mind. Call us on 0800 0588 240.



Two For The Price of One Funeral Plans?

Half Price Funeral Plans?

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Half price funeral plans are not a reality. But there are ways of couples halving what they pay for a funeral plan. For example, we can arrange a joint funeral plan which can be used on the first death. If it were life insurance (and it is not) it would be a joint life first death funeral plan.

One Funeral Plan Two Potential Users.

After all the reason for taking out a funeral plan is mainly to make life easy for the survivor.
So a small number of funeral plan providers (and we know which ones) will allow you to but a funeral plan which can be used by the first of the couple to die.

At that point, the funds may be available to invest in a second funeral plan – which would be ideal. Or it may be that the second funeral just has to be paid out of the assets of the second person to die. If there is enough money in the bank after the second death, then the bank will usually agree to pay the funeral directors bill direct. But they will NOT refund the undertakers fee if the family pay it first and ask for the money back. If that happens, probate will normally be required before the family can be repaid.

One Funeral Plan Many Potential Users.

Moving on from their, it is possible with some companies to transfer the use of a plan to a third party. Lets say you have wisely taken out a plan (with our free advice, obviously!) and your mother dies without a plan, or the cash to pay for a funeral. Some companies will allow you to use your plan for your mothers funeral. A worse scenario would be a child dying, and at least it would relieve you of the immediate financial strain, which is something.

So one funeral plan could be used for any family member.  It isn’t always the oldest one who dies first sadly.   The convenience of prepaid funeral plans for couples which can also be donated to other family members in the event of an unexpected death cannot be over estimated,

These features are only available in a few funeral plans, so our Independent Advice just could be even more critical than just wasting a few hundred pounds on a funeral plan with no advantages over a much less expensive one. But that sort of advice is our province, so why not contact us today?

Half price funeral plans.

Family Funeral Plans for Couples or Joint Funeral Plans

Family Funeral Plans for couples

Joint Prepaid Funeral Plans

Family Funeral or joint funeral plans for couples (or even whole families) aren’t a problem, because we know where to look.  Some providers offer the option of a single joint plan which can be used by whoever dies first.   Some charge extra, some don’t. Even if you want two plans, a joint funeral plan is a good start if you can’t afford two in one go.  Or pay in full for one, with the second on instalments.  We also know which plans will enable you to use a Family Funeral Plan for any member of the extended family who may need the benefit of a funeral which has already been paid for.  When things go wrong unexpectedly, that can be a massive comfort. Much better to have a shared plan than none! Saves the credit card being brought into action – undertakers bills are the biggest single item on credit cards, we’re told.

We are not for a moment saying that individual plans are not better, just that we realise that not every family member (or common law family member) will be able to afford their own plan.   So it makes sense to invest in a plan which has that flexibility built in, just in case.  And that is one of the focuses of our research.

Joint Funeral Plans for Couples.

Partners, husband and wife, people living together etc can buy a single plan between them which is used to pay for the cremation/ burial of the first of the couple to die.   This lessens the financial issues for the first to go, as there often won’t usually be cash to pay the funeral. When the second person dies, the estate can bear the cost, though there would be pressure on family members to pay long before the finances of the estate are sorted out. With some shared funeral plans, the plan can be used for any family member – or even a friend.

A flexible or joint plan can be a real benefit when a family member dies unexpectedly; with many companies, it doesn’t need to be the original purchasers.

If you can afford the second funeral plan for couples later on – or perhaps by using instalment payments – so much the better.  But at least a joint funeral plan gets you protected.

In an ideal world, couples would each have a funeral plan, but that is twice the cost of a single plan, of course! At least we offer a best price guarantee and (in most cases) a substantial bonus. Call us and check what is available on 0800 0588 240 – leave a message out of hours or if we are on the line already, we will get back to you. Or use the enquiry form to the right —>

But as we said, some funeral plans have a special option not many people know about where a couple can take out just one plan.  They may be called joint funeral plans, couples funeral plans, first death funeral plans etc.  They are used when the first of them dies, so the surviving partner doesn’t have to worry about the funeral expenses.   If the cash is available, the survivor can then take out another funeral plan, but if not it can just be paid from the estate on the survivors’ death. Clearly, if there is a delay between buying the first (joint) plan and the second one, prices may well have risen substantially.

Family Funeral Plans.

Joint funeral plans can just be a single plan, but in close-knit families, multiple plans are ideal. It may well be a combination of one person buying a plan straight out, and others getting together to buy a plan in instalments.   At the time of writing a good basic prepaid family funeral plan can be bought for around £32 a month over 10 years – divided between 2 people, that is £16 a month.  For 4 people it is just £8.  Much better value than insurance products which may not have any inflation protection or where everything is lost if payments are missed. And older folk are less likely to spot banking problems in time.

Plans for Couples need NOT be twice the price.

We feel Family Funeral Plans are a really useful option for couples who can’t stretch to the cost of two separate plans.  So if it appeals, or you want to look to see if you can manage the cost of two separate plans, please get in touch.