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funeral plans for expats reviews

Expat Funeral Plans – But Which Prepaid Plan?

How to choose an Expat Funeral Plan

Expat funeral plans are even more important to expats families than prepaid plans at home.  There are several providers of international prepaid expat plans not all of whom cover every country, so please do specify when you contact us for (free) advice. With most the point is that they will take care of you whether you die in the relevant country or back in the UK.  Standard expat funeral plans will NOT include the cost of bring you back to the UK or vice versa.

Avalon Plans  are probably the best known for expat funeral plans, and have a well trained and motivated salesforce in the countries they cover.

Golden Leaves International Plans offer coverage in Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Balearic Islands, or the Canary Islands.

Iberian Plans cover Spain, Portugal, Tenerife, the Balearic Islands and Madeira. SPN Plans are now part of Iberian we understand,

funeral plans for expatriates

Avalon recently launched the Paradise Plan Expat Plan specifically for Brits looking to retire overseas. The plan provides dual certification. It covers customers with a plan of equal value in key destinations including Spain, Portugal, Turkey or Cyprus.  But at the Prepaid Funeral Review we can advise you about alternative expat funeral plans– contact us.

For guidance on expat funeral plans, get in touch via the form to the right and be sure to include your location.


According to a survey by Avalon, almost a quarter of people who’ve moved to sunnier climes admit to pining for the occasional rain shower.

A decent cuppa topped the poll of things expatriates longed for! 27 per cent of those surveyed said they craved a well-made cup of tea and would prefer a brew to a piña colada any day.

The research, which identified the top 10 items Brits miss about their former homeland, uncovered some surprising results.

Only nine per cent of expats said they missed their family the most. The poll ranked loved ones at number four – behind the traditional Sunday roast, which came third.

Mike Cooper, formerly managing director Avalon, commented: “The saying ‘you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone’ certainly seems to apply here! Who would’ve thought that people would miss a bit of rain more than their family when they move abroad?”

Eight per cent of respondents yearned for a pint in their former local, with 160 people stating that a night back in their old drinking hole would be their idea of heaven.

Ranking near the bottom of the list was the soap opera. Five per cent of expats said they missed watching their favourite British TV shows, while Heinz beans was revealed as the taste of home for nearly 100 people.

Mike continued: “We work closely with many people who’ve decided to retire overseas and it’s the happiest time of their lives – but the results of this survey just go to show that you can take the person out of Britain, but you can’t take Britain out of the person!”

Chosing the right prepaid expat funeral plan.