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Gloucester Council Go Green

Gloucester Council Develop Green Woodland Burial Site

Gloucester Council have developed part of their New Millennium Cemetery as a permanent protected habitat for wildlife and woodland burial site.

The Gloucester Council plan is encourage plants, insects and birds and provide an alternative, more natural form of woodland burial ground for those that desire it.

This woodland burial site gives families an additional option to cremation or the traditional burial and headstone.  It will appeal to those who want to remember their loved ones and enjoy nature and welcome knowing that they creating a natural woodland and encouraging wildlife.

Gloucester Council Woodland Burial Site Management

Gloucester Council have set aside a special area for woodland burial purposes pretty much in its natural condition.  The site will be managed with the aim of promoting wildlife, not to look neat and tidy. Wild flowers will be sown with local wild flower seed. Memorials of any type are not in keeping with the woodland theme, and any wreaths and cut flowers will be taken away within a week or so of the burial.

Again, in keeping with Gloucester Councils woodland theme,  bio-degradable coffins will be essential: anything from willow wicker to cardboard to papier-mâché to solid wood coffins from a sustainably managed source.  The Prepaid Funeral Review can source prepaid funeral plans which will take into account Gloucester Councils green requirements.

Gloucester Council Appropriate Woodland Burial Memorials 

Suitable trees have been planted, but it is not appropriate to plant trees on individual graves as the woodland needs to develop in a healthy way and to be carefully managed.

The Prepaid Funeral Review team welcome this development.  Our desire, like Gloucester Councils is to preserve and enhance our special planet.  If you wish to be buried in Gloucester Councils Woodland Burial Ground, please let us know and we can incorporate the purchase price of a plot in our recommendations, and source an undertaker who will comply with Gloucester Councils requirements.

Gloucester City Council