natural burial

natural burial

Gloucester Council Go Green

Gloucester Council Develop Green Woodland Burial Site Gloucester Council have developed part of their New Millennium Cemetery as a permanent protected habitat for wildlife and woodland burial site. Green Funeral Plans Page. The Gloucester Council plan is encourage plants, insects and birds and provide an alternative, more natural form of woodland burial ground for those …

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Green Funerals Grow in Popularity

Green Funerals Grow                    Green Funeral Plans Page. Green Funerals: four in ten UK adults over 50 want countryside resting place, not cemetery. Three in ten prefer bright colours to be worn at funeral. Two in ten want pop songs, not hymns. Five in ten have not …

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Woodland Burials Grow

GreenAcres Woodland Burials                    Green Funeral Plans Page. GreenAcres Woodland Burials are working on building a national woodland burial service, with a woodland burial site near you. Julie Smillie of The Prepaid Funeral Review says “We have seen a significant growth in the number of people wishing …

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Eaten By Mushrooms – NOT a Dr Who Story

Being eaten by mushrooms is not everyones idea of fun.   But when it is part of an environmentally friendly burial, you may begin to see the point of the Infinity Burial Suit which is being trialled in the US and is already going into production there.  This is there story (in US English!): What …

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