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Eaten By Mushrooms – NOT a Dr Who Story

Being eaten by mushrooms is not everyones idea of fun.   But when it is part of an environmentally friendly burial, you may begin to see the point of the Infinity Burial Suit which is being trialled in the US and is already going into production there.  This is there story (in US English!):

What is the Infinity Burial Suit?

Infinity Burial Suit

How does it work? The Infinity Burial Suit is a handcrafted garment that is worn by the deceased. The suit is completely biodegradable. It has a built in bio mix ­made up of two different types of mushrooms and other microorganisms that together do three things;

  1. aid in decomposition.
  2. Work to neutralize toxins found in the body.
  3. Transfer nutrients to plant life.

The end result of being buried in the Infinity Burial Suit is that bodies are transformed into vital nutrients that enrich the earth and foster new life.

How do the mushrooms work?

We are using two different types of mushrooms ­ edible and mycorrhizal. Edible mushrooms are scientifically proven decomposers. These mushrooms break down material by emitting enzymes. The mycorrhizal mushrooms deliver nutrients to plant roots.

Mushrooms break down toxins in two ways ­ with organic toxins, the mushrooms break down bonds and thus neutralize the toxins. In other cases, the mushrooms bind the toxins through a process called chelation and in turn make the toxins innocuous.

These various processes only provide positive benefits that save energy and resources, improve the soil, and enrich plant life.

What toxins are found in the human body?

The Centers for Disease Control in the US says we have 219 toxic chemicals in our body. These include tobacco residues, dry cleaning chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, flame­retardants, heavy metals, preservatives, etc. The CDC reports that the chemical Bisphenol­A (BPA), a synthetic estrogen and plastic hardener which causes reproductive and neurological damage, is found in 93% of adults age 6 and older.

Do the levels of toxins in humans ​really ​matter?

By being buried in the Infinity Burial Suit, you are helping the environment, which we believe is a valid cause, not matter how small the contribution.

If the mushrooms break down the toxins found in human bodies, do they become toxic? What if someone eats them?

By a process called mycoremediation, the mycelium actually can break down many organic toxins and even make many heavy metal toxins inert as well. Mycelium does not always fruit (making the mushrooms you see and buy) ­ that is dependent on soil conditions, temperature, and moisture; however, they are still working underground.

We plan on doing extensive research on all facets of the process. But as for the edibility that is still an active area of research. Some researchers are still conjecturing about this. But we hope to know more soon!

Are you introducing non ­native mushrooms into the ecosystem?

No, the strains of mushrooms that are used in the Suit are found all over the world.

Will the mushrooms eat me while I am alive?

(Remember this was written for a US audience who may not realise that you don’t put a burial suit on until you are about to be buried ;-).

Trying the mushroom shroud on for size

No. The mushrooms we are working with are edible mushrooms, which prefer wood­based substrates. These mushrooms are selected for their capacity to digest dead human tissue. They are not being genetically altered and will not morph into a flesh­eating disease. Consider the following…at any given moment, there are a million fungal spores, bacteria, and even viruses in the air, on every surface, and even in your own body competing for nutrients. Your body, when alive, has a natural defense mechanism (your immune system!) to fight off these microorganisms. Your body, when dead, no longer has an active immune system and will therefore become food for any organism.

How will Coeio test if it works?

Our products are based off of well researched basic science studies. There have been a number of studies that have proven that mushrooms aid decomposition, remediate toxins and speed delivery of nutrient to plants. We are applying this science to burials and testing our patent­ pending application. Validation and transparency are really important values to the company, so testing is central to us.

I don’t plan to die anytime soon, but I want to use the Suit when the time comes.

How long will it last?

You do not have to be at need to order an Infinity Burial Suit. We are expecting our early adopters to take possession of the Suit, which will be packaged for long, stable shelf life with a guarantee.

Has anyone used it yet? Our first human adopter is Dennis White. He is terminally ill and has an Infinity Burial Suit. Coeio made a film about Dennis, titled “Suiting Dennis.” It is available to watch on our site. We hope you enjoy watching it!

Is it legal to use the Infinity Burial Suit?

Yes, it is completely legal to use. Where the confusion comes in is that some funeral homes and cemeteries require a traditional casket to be buried. While they make it sound like a legal requirement, it actually has more to do with their own commercial goals. This trend is changing however. In recent years, interests in green funerals have been on the rise, and a growing number of green funeral homes and burial grounds have emerged. If you are interested in these, simply Google green burial or check out the directory at the Green Burial Council.

Do I have to be buried in a special place when I use the suit?

A range of options are open to you, including traditional cemeteries, specially designated green cemeteries, green burial conservation lands, or even on private land. Providers are different, so we recommend contacting them to discuss your wishes and make arrangements. We find that green cemeteries and conservation burial lands are the easiest to work with and most aligned with our customers’ values.

To find one simply Google green burial locations or check out the directory at the Green Burial Council. For burials on private land, please be aware that laws are highly varied by municipality. Be sure to thoroughly research the options in your area.

Can you put the Suit into a coffin, or does it have to go straight into the ground?

It is fine to use the Suit in addition to a biodegradable container. It is also fine to bury the Suit straight into the ground.

How deep do I need to be buried? Will the mycelium work at those depths?

We suggest that the suit be buried at a depth of 4ft, not 6ft, for the mycelium. In natural or green cemeteries, 4ft is the common burial depth. Burial laws vary state by state, but legally most states require 18 inches of a soil buffer between body/container and the ground.

When can I get a Suit?

We plan to have the suits available for purchase later in 2016. How much does it cost? We are still working through production costs, but our target price for the suit is $1500.

Are you making a shroud?

Yes, in addition to the suit, Coeio plans to design a Infinity Burial Shroud.

We have asked them to keep us informed, some environmentalists might want to watch this space!



Engaging the young with death and natural burial

Death is going to affect you, so…

Researchers from Bath are working to engage the young with death through exploring issues related to alternative burial processes.

The research has been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), and started this week. It aims to use creative expression to encourage young people to discuss some of the often difficult issues associated with death.

The project aims to engage a group of young ‘NEETS’ (Not in employment, education or training) who attend The Park Local Opportunity Centre in Knowle, Bristol. The young people will have an opportunity to work with experts from the University’s Centre for Death and Society and create a range of creative pieces that look at natural burial practices in their local cemetery.

The research will use sound recordings, film, graffiti, arts, crafts, rap and poetry to express their ideas on the subject, and will also develop a short film about the project.

The work will result in a public exhibition displaying the outcomes of the project at a gallery in Bristol in April.

Dr Hannah Rumble, who will be carrying out much of the work, said: “This project will involve the Centre for Death and Society working closely with Kumiko Community Arts and Youth Moves to explore the reactions of young people about a natural burial area within Bedminster Cemetery and a natural burial site located in Thornbury called Memorial Woodlands.

“Through working with these young people we hope to encourage them to think more deeply about the concept of death and the issues and options that exist when making end of life decisions, and also to engage them in the important issues we work on.”

Previous research carried out by Dr Rumble has suggested that the UK is leading the way globally in natural – or woodland – burials where people are typically buried in a woodland, field or meadow setting, in wicker, cardboard or other ecologically appropriate coffins.

More than 260 natural burial sites now operate across the country, since the first opened in Carlisle twenty years ago.

More at the University of Baths site.

Woodland Burial

Woodland burial grounds support British bees

The Coop has joined the Woodland Burial movement – click the link to see a list of the woodland burial sites we are aware of (and tell us of any new ones, please.)  On with the Coop PR:

Almost 11 acres of wildflower meadows are being created on The Co-operative Funeralcare’s three woodland burial grounds to help boost the UK’s dwindling bee population.

Supporting Plan Bee

As part of The Co-operative Group’s extended £750,000 Plan Bee campaign the new wildflower meadows will be developed at two woodland burial grounds in Dorset and one in the Wirral.

Paul Monaghan, Head of Social Goals at The Co-operative said: “The UK has lost an alarming 97 per cent of its wildflower meadows since the 1930s which has had a major impact on the number of pollinators. The number of honeybees in the UK has halved in the last 25 years.”

“These wildflower meadows will offer a rich habitat for a host of pollinators such as honeybees, hover flies, butterflies and moths, providing the nectar and pollen they need.”

Natural next step

Our woodland burial grounds are located amongst acres of natural countryside with mature woodland, meadows, bluebell woods and wild flowers.

We are dedicated to maintaining the natural environment to ensure that wildlife and native plants thrive throughout the year.

As David Collingwood, Operations Director, pointed out: “We are keen to encourage flowers and wildlife to flourish within our grounds so supporting Plan Bee is a natural next step for us.”

“Our woodland burial grounds have acres of land and the new wildflower meadows will provide not only a beautiful resting place for loved ones, but also create a new habitat for these important insects.”

Developing the wildflower meadows

A diverse range of wildflowers and grasses will be developed at the three woodland burial grounds including Yellow Rattle, Betony, Harebell, Devil’s-Bit Scabious and Bird’s-Foots Trefoil.

Almost eleven acres will be developed altogether with 3.5 acres at Poole & Wimborne, 2 acres at Hinton Park in Christchurch and 5 acres at Mayfields Park in the Wirral.

Development work commenced in early September and is being carried in conjunction with Britishflora – the largest native plant producer in the UK who wholeheartedly support woodland burial.

Woodland Burial

Green Funerals Grow in Popularity

Green Funerals Grow                    Green Funeral Plans Page.

Green Funerals: four in ten UK adults over 50 want countryside resting place, not cemetery.

Three in ten prefer bright colours to be worn at funeral.

Two in ten want pop songs, not hymns.

Five in ten have not discussed these wishes with loved ones.

More than 40% of UK adults over 50 want to be buried – or have their ashes scattered – in the countryside, or in a natural woodland setting, rather than ending up in a typical graveyard, a survey for Golden Leaves Green Funeral Plans says.

Green Funeral Shift

As well as the significant shift away from traditional cemeteries, the research also found  ‘green’ is  fast becoming the new black when it comes to funerals.  More than three in ten of those surveyed nationally wanting an environmentally friendly or green funeral service.

Overly sombre services could soon become a thing of the past, too, as people opt for more “pop” music rather than hymns, and wanting bright colours not the traditional funeral black.

Coffins are increasingly made from environmentally friendly materials such as willow, bamboo, sea grass, cardboard, or even wool. Intriguingly, more people are choosing to have their environmentally friendly coffins decorated with images of themselves – or the colours of their favourite football team.

When asked about wishes for their own funerals, just under a three in ten – all aged over 50 and living in theUK- said they wanted bright colours to be worn. Red, closely followed by purple, were the two most popular colours.

Two in ten wanted their favourite “modern song” played as a final tribute, rather than a traditional hymn or Psalm.

Worryingly, despite four in ten thinking about their own mortality at least once a week, half had not discussed their wishes with family while almost six in ten had  not yet made any provision for their funeral costs.

The survey of 1,118 UK adults aged over 50 was carried out by Opinion Matters in February 2012, on behalf of Golden Leaves Green Funeral Planning.

The Prepaid Funeral Review staff work to help people chose appropriate and good value prepaid green funeral (or standard) plans and start to make a proper plan to help those left behind. Click the link for if you want a green funeral or just an ordinary one.

Green Funerals Grow

Woodland Burials Grow

GreenAcres Woodland Burials                    Green Funeral Plans Page.

GreenAcres Woodland Burials are working on building a national woodland burial service, with a woodland burial site near you.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Julie Smillie of The Prepaid Funeral Review says “We have seen a significant growth in the number of people wishing to include Woodland Burials in their prepared funeral plans, and some of the big players we research are now quite willing to do so.  Contact us for details of plans which will allow Woodland Burials.”

Green Acres Woodland Burials have three sites in Norfolk, Essex and Buckinghamshire at the moment.  Steady increases in the number or burials in their existing Woodland Burial sites, and a massive increase in woodland burial sites – 5 in 1995 to 260 in 2012 – has precipitated their decision.

Sir Michael Bibby, MD of Bibby Line Group, which owns GreenAcres Woodland Burials  says: “The plans to expand are in recognition of where we see the woodland burial market going in coming years.”

Andy Paling, who runs the woodland burial sites of GreenAcres Woodland Burials, added: “The move to the new name of GreenAcres Woodland Burials is designed to send a strong and positive message to the public and, in particular, funeral directors, who recognise that we offer a level of service and professionalism that is consistent with what they themselves offer.

“We are determined to be the woodland burial park against which all others are measured in terms of our service, quality and trust.”

GreenAcres Woodland Burials has now received permission for site number 4 in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire.  They have 5 additional sites in the planning stages, which will double the number of woodland burial sites in the group.

5 New Woodland Burial Parks

“We were an early arrival to the industry and opened our first park in 2001. Given the growth and the wide variation in the funeral experience that is being offered we needed to differentiate ourselves and demonstrate that we offer impeccable service in a natural environment for a totally personal funeral,” Andy Paling MD of GreenAcres Woodland Burials added.

“The name change and investment programme, combined with the quality of our team, is at the heart of our belief in the business.”

Woodland Burials Growing seems, on the face of it, like a good thing if it encourages more trees to be planted and makes funeral more eco-friendly, we at the Prepaid Funeral Review say.

For more information on woodland burials and other eco funerals, click the link.

Woodland Burial Parks Grow.