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Garden Burials – are they Legal

Garden Burials – can I bury my wife in the garden? Garden burials aren’t wildly popular, for the simple reason that it would probably be impossible to sell a normal house with a human body in the garden!  We haven’t yet been asked to arrange a funeral plan for a home burial. Apparently, Environment Agency …

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Funeral Planning Options

Your Funeral Planning Options: We all think about how our funeral will end up being paid for, so here are some options for you to consider: 1) Keep cash in the bank to pay for the funeral. Over the last 5 years, your original £2000 might have grown to £2,308.59 if it some emergency hasn’t caused …

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Direct Cremation – a personal view

Direct Cremation – a personal view. A market place that is becoming more and more acceptable to clients and their families is that of Cremation Direct Packages. (click For information on prepaid direct cremation plans.) In their bluntest form, the deceased is picked up from wherever they pass away and the company will arrange for a …

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Monthly Funeral Plans: What Are The Options?

Monthly Prepaid Funeral Plans. Not everyone can afford to pay for a funeral plan in one go, so most plans offer some sort of monthly payment plan.  You can, of course, go for the Over 50s style insurance which we dislike intensely.  But proper prepaid funeral can also be paid for on a monthly basis. …

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