Charity Fund Raising

Charity Fundraising through Funeral Plans.

Our charity fundraising staff help groups raise funds with charity funeral plans or just for good causes.

Charity Fundraising Funeral Plans for Individuals.

– to help their favourite good cause.  Simply nominate your charity to receives a donation when your personalised charity funeral plans have been set up. Charities own funeral plans are restrictive in that they only offer the charity funeral plan of a single provider.  They are all good plans, but that doesn’t mean they are best for your circumstances.

At The Prepaid Funeral Review we research the market for the plan which is most suitable for  your circumstances.  We are not tied to any funeral plan provider, we’re independent.

Why not download the enquiry form?  You don’t have to give us any information, the charity funeral plan form is a direct download.  There is no obligation whatever to return the form.


If you are a charity lookiFuneral Plans for Charityng for fundraising ideas, Charity Funeral Plans can help: you have come to the right place.  Go through to the contact page and get in touch so we can see how we can help you.  We have other fundraising plans too.

If you are an individual looking to help your favourite charity profit from charity funeral plans pop through to the same page or just give us a call.

You will note that we wish to validate enquiries from charities on funeral plans: pop your details in the form, name your charity and your contact details.  We will call you back to discuss how we can help you to help your charity fund raising and ensure that your supporters get top quality advice on carefully researched funeral plans at no extra cost to them.  Plus you get to fund raise with a useful donation from every plan you introduce to us – and probably many you don’t!  Why make the choice for your supporters?  They don’t all come from the same mould.

Our process is absolutely simple to implement and will probably take 10 minutes of someones time.  After that it is just free fundraising through charity funeral plans – why on earth would you not want that?  Everyone benefits!




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