Claiming on a Prepaid Funeral Plan

Claiming on a Prepaid Funeral Plan – how to claim on death.

If you are looking for information about claiming on a prepaid funeral plan your or a relatives existing plan, when they have died, please don’t contact us unless we arranged it. Even then, it is best to call the funeral plan company direct as to do otherwise may cause problems. Always call the Plan Company FIRST, before the undertaker, or you may end up with an unexpected bill.   Even if you bought the plan direct from an undertaker, you need to check that they are still authorised by the plan provider first.

At the Prepaid Funeral Review, we are advisers on prepaid funerals, not the actual funeral plan company themselves.  There is a fairly comprehensive company list on this site. If you know who the plan is with,  you can just Google the name and find their site. (We speak to the Marketing department, but you need Plan Administration which is usually a different number).   If it is an insurance type plan, check the persons recent bank statements to see if you can find the name of the insurance company that way. Such (typically) “Over 50s insurance plans” (which we don’t like) are usually paid by direct debit these days.

What to do when claiming on prepaid funeral plan when the owner dies.

(Incidentally, we often recommend plans which are flexible enough to pay for the funeral of a family member who dies unexpectedly.)

If you need to claim on an existing prepaid funeral plan, always call the plan provider FIRST. It is vital that you make sure that the funeral director you use will accept it. There may already be a funeral director responsible for it.  With some companies, the funeral director buys the right to benefit from your plan.  So some discussions may be needed if you wish to use another firm, or the deceased had moved.  You could end up paying full price for the funeral, and only getting back the original contribution to the funeral plan, which means that the massive inflation proofing benefits of prepaid funeral plans may be lost.  So please. call the company first.

If you do have an elderly or poorly friend or relative, it would be prudent to find out if they have a prepaid funeral plan, and if so who it is with.   That way there will be no problems when the time comes to use it.   Just remember that many insurance type funeral plans are cancelled without any benefits if premiums are missed, and some will insist on Probate being granted before releasing the funds.  Check this site for professional help with probate.

We can actually set up funeral plans even when some has actually died, so setting one up a few weeks or months before is not a problem.

Claiming on a prepaid funeral plan.

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