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Co-op Funeralcare launches national advertising campaign

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Before you read the Co-op Funeral Care Press Release, we must advise you that we stand by our serious concerns about the terms and conditions under which their plans operate.  We urge anyone considering a Co-op Funeral Care prepaid funeral plan to read our review.  They should then read the relevant Terms and Conditions of business and consider whether they are in the best interests of consumers.  On our interpretation, they are not, but you should make up your own mind.  For this reason, Co-op funeral plans have the lowest score of any UK funeral plan on our rating scale.  Watch out, as they have just taken on a very large national sales force, so a Co-op authorised salesperson could be on your doorstep soon!  If you haven’t read our review, it is here.

Co-op Funeralcare

Co-op Funeral Care Press Release.

The UKs leading Funeral Director, The Co-op Funeralcare has this week launched a brand new national funeral planning advertising campaign.

The campaign will centre on Direct Response TV (DRTV) adverts – something the brand has never done before and the move is expected to encourage over 45’s to purchase a  Pre-paid Funeral Plan to avoid leaving their loved ones to have to foot the bill as well as reduce the emotional burden of arranging a funeral.

The DRTV 30 second advert will run from 15 February until 13 March 2016 and will be broadcast to viewers on ITV, Channel 4 and across 33 Sky digital channels split across daytime and peak segments.

Furthermore, the Ad campaign will be supported by press advertising, direct mail and for the first time, the funeral provider will be running pre-roll advertising on You Tube.

Lorinda Robinson, Head of Marketing for Co-op Funeralcare said:

“Our new advertising campaign is different to what we’ve done before. We intend to raise a smile among consumers whilst prompting them to think about funeral planning in a different way. We want to help people understand the benefit of having a plan with the UK’s leading funeral provider highlighting the benefits of our Plan versus other providers.”

“We conducted consumer research to fully understand what works for consumers and tailored our messages in accordance with client feedback. This has resulted in bolder, braver messaging”.

Co-op funeralcare.