Co-op Sales Push At Existing Customers

Co-op’s Group Marketing Head announced ‘more energetic approach to marketing’

The Co-0p is adopting even more heavy handed marketing tactics, and we wonder if you will be cold called by the local Co-op shop in a bid to supply both the funeral flowers and the funeral food, as well as the really juicy bits, the funeral and the probate work.    If you have any connection with the Co-op, be prepared for heavy marketing!

Co-op’s new Marketing Head recently discussed in an article in Marketing Week how they plan to:

· Focus on ‘cross-promoting’ products across their various businesses

· Identify current customers who could be interested in products or services across more than one business – but currently aren’t aware

· Sell complimentary services that ‘make customers’ lives easier.

With 20 million food customers, 6.5 million banking customers and advertising budgets of millions – the Co-operative Group present the single biggest threat to your business.


You have been warned!