Co-operative Funeralcare Hearses in the 21st Century

According to a Co-operative Funeralcare published a survey one in five of us want their final journey to take place in a vehicle that reflects their life – perhaps their hobby or even their job.

Co-operative-funeralcareThe standard hearse is not always what people want.   The Co-op Funeralcare say they have had funerals using a lorry, motorcycle hearse, Rolls Royce, pink Cadillac, horse drawn carriage, tandem bicycle, milk float, bus, quad bike, tractor and trailer. Not to mention ambulances, a converted steam train, a fire engine, the Batmobile, Knight Riders KITT, The A Team van, or Del Boys Reliant van! Camper vans, skips, pick up trucks, steam trains. I am sure minority communities which were not caught by the survey have even more interesting means of transport (send your photos in please!)

New Modes of Departure Survey by Co-operative Funeralcare

Burial in Space

Space Burial

No doubt many more could be added to the list and will be as the years roll by, and already, some people are having some of their ashes blasted into space!

Non traditional transport was used in around 40,000 funerals in the UK last year.

Farmers prefer horse drawn carts, tractors or Land Rovers.   We dread to think what the military might like, as tanks could have rather a bad impact on the roads!

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Like most funeral directors, Co-operative Funeralcare always try to accommodate individual requests, no matter how unusual.   As Sam Kershaw, Operations Director says, “we will do anything our clients want us to do providing it is legal and decent,”

The cost of funerals is already high even when not customized. The total cost has been put at £7,600 and rising by about 7 percent a year according to a 2013 publication by the University of Bath in the UK. All the more reason for sorting out a prepaid funeral plan now, we say.

Co-operative Funeralcare Hearses survey gives out a lot of ideas: let’s get together and sort out your funeral plan and save both money and extra grief for your family when the time comes. Prepaid funeral plans have never represented better value than they do today, and it is unlikely that situation will change.