Cold Calling Funeral Plan – They Are Not the Only Ones with Vested Interests

Matthew Aldridge, of  Somerset funeral director F H Halliday and Son has warned potential funeral plan purchasers to beware of buying funeral plans from cold callers or email campaigns, according to The Funeral Service Times.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

We would echo his concerns, but remind readers that most sellers of funeral plans have a vested interest which is not that of the family.  Very few funeral directors sell more than one “make” of funeral plan – they will typically sell the Coop Plan, or the Dignity Plan or the Golden Charter one.  All of which are good plans, in the right circumstances.  But a person who sells only one of the many funeral plans on the market will always try to sell you their plan.   They probably won’t have a clue what advantages other funeral plans might have in your specific circumstances,  They will consider the restrictions and penalties their plan has are normal.  But they may well not be.

Cold Calling Funeral Plans – Not the way to go.

As Mr Aldridge says, this is not a subject to be discussing on the doorstep with a complete stranger.  We believe that it needs time, full and frank discussion of your needs, wishes and potential future moves.  Once your real needs are worked out, then the only way to get the best possible advice is to contact a firm which offers genuine INDEPENDENT advice on the choice of funeral plan.  And that is where we come in.   Explore our site, download our initial  questionnaire, and when you are ready, contact our researcher for Independent advice.  All we ask is that, if you accept our recommendation, you use the form we supply so we earn a little money to keep the service running.  Is that fair?

Or just give us a ring on 01323 740844 and specify that your message is for the Prepaid Funeral Review – the number is 01323 740844.