How To Compare Funeral Plans

How to compare funeral plans.

compare funeral plans.

Comparing Funeral Plans.

Comparing funeral plans is a great job, if you have the time and attention to detail.  If you look over to the right, and down a bit (unless you are on a mobile) you will see a list of the funeral plans we have compared, to make life easier for you.   But they are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are dozens more plans, though almost all of them are just the same old plans with a different cover.

How to compare funeral plans and get it wildly wrong!

Or worse, they may not be real funeral plans at all.  See our article on the most popular type of funeral plan, the Over 50s Plan.  They just are not suitable for use as funeral plans, despite the advertising hinting that they are!

We compare funeral plans prices AND features for you.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

At the Prepaid Funeral Review, our job is to compare funeral plans so that you can get the plan that is right for you. We discus your wishes and budget, which actually doesn’t take too long, because we know the right questions. Then we will look across the market for the plan which suits you best.   We will send you a written recommendation, along with the necessary brochures.  As part of our service to compare funeral plans for you, we’ll also give you the costs of the equivalent funeral plans.

But I will get a better deal if I compare funeral plans myself!

Pretty unlikely, because we are often able to offer a significant discount on plans.  That discount is not normally available direct.  Better still, we guarantee to offer the best price available, even to the extent of discounting every penny we earn!  That is a pretty strong guarantee.  Even better, there is a bonus package which will be worth up to £595 for some people. And perhaps indirectly a great deal more.

Compare funeral plans