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For individuals, we ask that you ask for our Charity Funeral Plan enquiry form below.  When you have  filled it in and are ready to arrange your charity funeral plan, nominate the charity you wish to receive the donation, and send the form back to us.   We prefer to chat it through with you when the form comes back (you can mark up anything you’re not sure about, we will talk it through with you.)   You can give us a call – speak to Steve or Peter who are available during office hours.  Our number is 0800 0588 240.  If you have a general enquiry, feel free to use the form below.

Charity Funeral Plans for Charities.

We are very happy to have discussions with charities, but we would ask you to use the contact form and clearly identify the charity you are calling for and your place in it.  We will call you back and save your phone bill!

Charity Funeral Plans

There are all sorts of charity funeral plans.  We offer a quite different sort of service.  We are not tied to one funeral plan provider.  We review the plans on the market for each individual enquiry from our considerable bank of in depth research.  We keep our funeral plan research up to date all the time: it is surprising how often one of the funeral plan providers changes its’ terms and conditions, or its’ prices.

What is best buy for you this month may well not be next month. Many charities support only one funeral plan company, which may be financially in their best interests, but won’t necessarily be so for their supporters.   That is a problem we can solve.

So whatever your reason for supporting charity funeral plans, the sooner you act, the better the deal you will get as prices are extremely unlikely to ever come down.



Charity Funeral Plans.


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