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Coop: Funeral Planning is on the up

Coop say Funeral Planning is a major growth area for them.  Read what we have to say about Coop Funeral Plans here.   And remember that what follows is Coop Funeral Planning PR!  Recent revelations about their culture rather contradict the PR spin. We have certainly experienced hard sell of their probate services. To have a look at the other funeral plans on the market, some of which may be more suitable for you, visit our list of funeral planning companies.

Coop Funeral Planning.

More and more people are taking steps to ensure they get the send off they want by planning their own ‘bespoke’ funeral.

Overall sales figures issued on 10 October 2011 by one of the UK’s largest providers of funeral plans, The Co-operative, show an overall increase of 10 per cent in the sales of their funeral plans.

The upward trend reflects the value for money that funeral plans represent as funeral costs continue to spiral and the sustained period of low interest rates associated with other types of savings and investments traditionally relied on to cover funeral costs.

The Co-operative has also seen a 22 per cent increase in sales of its personal tailor-made funeral plans in the first half of 2011.

The increase reflects a major shift in people wishing to take more time to plan ahead not only to ensure a much more personalised funeral or celebration of their life but one that is more cost effective as they pay for it at today’s prices no matter when the funeral takes place.

A tailor-made funeral plan gives people complete flexibility – they can choose personal touches like music and dress codes that will make the arrangements really tailored to commemorate their life.

With one in three funerals these days including a pop song or personal theme, such as their football team, and more people preferring a send off that celebrates their life, a tailor-made plan fits what many people today are looking for.

Ian Mackie, managing director of Coop funeral planning  said: “So far in 2011 we have achieved a very successful 10 per cent increase in sales from this time last year. In an increasingly challenging economic climate that’s extremely positive. We are finding that during these tough financial times, people are choosing to invest in more trustworthy brands, such as The Co-operative.

“We are clearly seeing a significant rise in the number of people discussing and formalising their personal wishes not only with their loved ones but by actually buying a tailor-made funeral plan and this makes enormous sense. Funeral plans are a very good method of financial forward planning, as you pay today’s funeral prices for a future service that is fully guaranteed against any price increases.”

Over 100,000 funeral plans were sold across the UK in 2010 showing that more and more people are realising that paying towards and planning their funeral in advance makes financial sense and helps to relieve much of the emotional and costly burden to those left behind.

The Co-operative offers a broad range of  funeral planning options. Of these, the most popular set funeral plans are the Silver plans, representing a third of all sales. These cost around £3,110, (2013 prices) and the benefit of set plans is that they are very simple and straightforward to organise. The Co-operative also provides a number of ways to cover the cost – including 12 months interest free and fixed monthly payments from just £22.26 a month.  (Ed: prices have been reviewed since then)

Additional Information:
The Co-operative movement conducts 1 in 4 funerals in the UK, has over 70 years experience in the funeral market and operates to The Co-operative core values of openness, trust and honesty.

The Co-operative movement owns and operates a total of 1,100 funeral homes across the UK with coverage of 93 per cent of postcode districts. And for set funeral plan holders, no matter where they move to in the UK, their funeral plan can be used at any of its funeral homes without any further costs.

The Co-operative is a member of the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA). Ian Mackie, managing director of The Co-operative Life Planning, is one of the directors of the FPA.

Coop Funeral planning.