Coop Funerals

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Coop Funeral directors seem to be passing sales leads to Cooperative Legal Services, we have been told.  No doubt they ask permission from the grieving family before sending in the sales person.

This results in vulnerable people receiving sales calls from Cooperative Legal Services’ sales team.  They try to persuade you to allow one of their sales team to visit you to give you a quote for dealing with the estate of the deceased person.

Coop Funerals: Sales leads for Cooperative Legal Services Sales Staff.

Once the Cooperative Legal Services sales person is sat in your lounge, it is quite hard to turn down their offer of help. Once they have you on the hook, it is only natural for them to take away all the necessary paperwork, effectively making it much harder for you to obtain obtain quotes from any other probate service provider.

It is a serious case of ambulance chasing, and whilst the Cooperative Legal Services would certainly not intend it to be seen as a hard sell, it is pretty hard for a grieving family to make a rational decision in the presence of the Cooperative Legal Services salesperson.   They do give you, by law, a seven day cooling off period during which you can change your mind, but we have serious concerns about the ethics of the process.   We must emphasise that the Cooperative Legal Services are in no way doing anything wrong, their sales tactics are perfectly legal.  We just don’t think using tied undertaker to generate leads for a tied legal services provider who then sends in a sales person is morally appropriate.

To us, it is another nail in the coffin (sorry!) of Coop Funeral Plans – they are well designed plans, but there are doubts about the service provided by Cooperative Funeral Care.  Who on earth wants a sales person in their home helping them to make such an important decision within days of the funeral?   It should be an unpressured choice, made in peace and quiet and not in the presence of a salesperson, in our opinion.

Book a Coop Funeral and get Sales Calls.