Coop says Now You REALLY Can Have The LAST Word

Have the last word

An interesting extra gimmick from the Coop – we will be asking other providers if they can do the same things, and we believe several can.  But on with the Press Release.
The Co-operative’s new memorial plan lets you write your own epitaph.

A new funeral planning service which enables people to write and pay for their own epitaph in advance was launched today (22 November) by The Coop Funeralcare.

With more and more people electing to arrange a personalised funeral, The Coop Funeralcare, the UK’s largest provider of funeral planning products, is giving people the chance to say exactly how they would like to be remembered by choosing and writing their own lasting memorial.

The pioneering memorial masonry plan, the first of its kind in the UK, will give consumers the ability to choose the type of lasting memorial they want. There are many types of memorials available, from traditional headstones to slate sculptures.

This plan now means people can choose the material, colour, style, lettering and write the actual inscription for their memorial and pay for it in advance at today’s masonry prices, avoiding any future increases.

The cost of a memorial masonry plan will vary depending on the choice made and the geographical area as the plan will incorporate fees for your specific cemetery or remembrance garden.

There is no limit to the length of an inscription, other than the space available on the memorial. For today’s generation of social networkers familiar with the concept of tweets or posts of 140 characters they’ll certainly have no issues with space and creativity.

The memorial masonry plan is being launched alongside a number of new options for tailor-made funeral plans from The Coop Funeralcare, including a new joint tailor-made funeral plan option which provides peace of mind for couples as the plan can be used for the funeral of either partner.

Unlike over-50s insurance policies which cover some funeral costs, funeral plans from The Coop Funeralcare completely avoid rising funeral prices as they enable you to pay for your funeral in advance at today’s prices. They also help to relieve much of the emotional and financial burden to family and friends left behind as the key arrangements are made and paid for.

Over 100,000 funeral plans were sold across the UK in 2010 showing that more and more people are realising that planning and paying for their funeral in advance makes sense.

Ian Mackie, Managing Director of The Coop Funeral Planning, said:

“With the new Memorial Masonry Plans we take paying in advance for a funeral one step further by enabling people to decide the memorial they want and what actually appears on it. Some local authorities do have restrictions on the type of memorial allowed, but our team will advise on the options available. The plan ensures family members are not left with the emotional and financial burden of making these decisions at a very difficult time.

Prepaid Funeral Review says “If this is really important to you, fill in our prepaid funeral plan questionnaire and we will compare the various plans in accordance with YOUR priorities to suggest which one would be best value for you.!