What Costs Do Funeral Plans Cover in the UK?

What Costs Do Funeral Plans Cover?

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral plans are all different, so they will vary from what we would consider to be “normal.” But this will help you to consider what costs you wish your funeral plan to cover.   Most people want to cover the basics, not spend £20,000 on it!

So what costs do funeral plans cover ideally?

  1. Most funeral plans are sold by or on behalf of funeral directors, so their first concern is to ensure that the funeral director gets paid! That is probably just over half the total on average, and includes the cost of a normal coffin, a simple urn and local transport.  Some plans will cover nothing other than the funeral directors fees.
  2. The next biggest cost is the cost of cremation or burial.   Funeral plans typically make an allowance for the cost of cremation or burial which is index linked and which is expected to be adequate in most areas.
  3. They do NOT cover the cost of a burial plot. These can be incredibly expensive in some areas if they are even available.  If you have a family plot, then that can be indicated on the funeral plan which will generally cover the cost of adding you provided that there is space and that you have the right to be buried in the family plot.  Best to confirm that in advance!
  4. Most funeral plans also cover the cost of a ceremony at the crematorium, the fee for a minister or celebrant, and the doctors fee.

A special Case – Direct Cremation Funeral Plans.

These plans pay for the collection and transport of the deceased to a crematorium convenient for the funeral director and cremation. There is no right of family involvement, no viewing of the body and the cremation is likely to take place in the early morning possibly hundreds of miles away.   They have their place but we try to avoid them!

What Costs Do Funeral Plans NOT Cover?

  1. The cost of a church service is usually extra, especially if you are to be buried or cremated elsewhere.  It simply takes up more of the funeral directors time both with staff and the car. The same applies if the coffin is to stay in the church (etc.) the previous night. Most churches charge, as do ministers, but some will not charge for members.
  2. Eco friendly or posh coffins cost more than standard ones. Cardboard coffins have to be heavily re-enforced so they are not a cheap option either!
  3. These days most families meet the undertaker at the crematorium.  But some want a procession from the home, sometimes past favourite spots, so more time and cost.
  4. Flowers are usually not included, though they and things like orders of service printing are not covered in standard funeral plans.   The more expensive plans often do include that sort of thing, or you can add in an extra allowance.
  5. Public notices of death in the local paper are not normally included either.
  6. Limousines are not supplied in standard plans (just the hearse to carry the coffin and the funeral directors staff.)  Most funeral plans offer a standard plan, then one with a limousine, and a top end one with two limousines.   The more expensive the plan, the more extras are generally included.   But don’t confuse a high price with more services and better value – it might just be an expensive funeral plan company!  Which is why you need our help to find best value and (often) a discount.
  7. Where the family intend to keep the ashes rather than spread them, the funeral director will recommend a posher container (urn) rather than the standard basic afair.
  8. Choirs, wakes, videos, live broadcasting, decoration, invitations etc are not included, though some top end plans may include invitations,

Life Insurance for funerals. What costs do life they cover?

Generally speaking, life insurance sets up an amount to be paid out on your death, provided you have paid every single one of the premiums. It does not cover any specific costs, it just provides a cash sum.  There is usually no increase from the amount you buy initially, so a few years inflation will increase the gap between the insurance payout and funeral costs.

What costs do funeral plans cover?