Councils Force Up Funeral Costs – over 50% more since 2007

Funeral Costs Forced Up By Councils

Funeral costs are being forced up by Councils across the UK announcing large increases in both cremation and grave plot costs. In many councils, cremation costs alone have risen by as much as 20%, far outstripping the rate of inflation in a move that will target the recently bereaved. These are just the latest in Council controlled price hikes that have seen cremation costs soar by 48% between 2007 and 2010.

Funeral Plan Quotes

Funeral Plan Quotes

The increases are set to have the biggest impact on the families of those who have not made provision for their funeral or discussed plans with their loved ones. According to figures released by the Dying Matters Coalition in February this is around half of UK adults. The survey shows that 82% of adults do not have a pre-paid funeral plan and 46% have not made any financial provision for their own death. The figures also highlight that only 10% of people get quotes from more than one funeral director.

At the Pre-Paid Funeral Review, we believe that the rapid inflation in funeral costs make Pre-Paid Funeral Plans one of the very best investments that any family could make.  It’s use is inevitable, and it can massively cut down on the opportunities for family members to fall out with each other over silly (or not so silly) details.  And it is one major and stressful detail which the grieving family don’t have to sort out.  Not only that, the funeral director won’t need to ask anyone to sort out payment – they really don’t want to wait for probate to be granted!

Pre-paid funeral plans enable you to organise things years in advance, and pay for them. You can even chuck in a few quid for the wake if you want too!  Many people plan the funeral down to the last detail, others just want to avoid causing their family financial stress at having to appoint a funeral director who may upsell them into buying expensive extras.

How many readers have their funeral costs saved up in a savings account, which gets further and further behind funeral inflation every year. Maybe now is the time.

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