Cremation Plans in the UK

Cremation plans are the most usual type of prepaid funeral plans in the UK.

Funeral Plan QuotesAs independent advisers on prepaid cremation plans, we make it our business to know as much as possible about all the significant plans on the market.  We look at what the cremation funeral plan covers and the costs. Essentially, they fall into three categories with some tricky choices for the unwary. But which are the best prepaid cremations plans for your needs and pocket?

  1. Direct Cremation Plans – have their uses but…

Cremation Plans
Direct Cremation?

Prepaid direct cremation plans are the most basic and are quite unsuitable for most people.  Essentially, the funeral director is phoned after death. As soon as it has been certified by the doctors, the deceased is collected,  They are then taken to whichever crematorium is the most economical for the undertaker.  This could be hundreds of miles away. The deceased will then be cremated out of normal hours at the cheapest time.  The family or friends cannot generally attend, and it is usually not possible to pay extra and change the arrangements once the undertaker has been called, if it is possible to change them at all.

They are the cheapest form of cremation funeral plan, and whilst we will advise on them, we have severe misgivings about the impact they will have on friends and family. Even if you think it won’t.

   2.  Cunning Plans which ONLY pay the funeral director and NOT the third part costs.

These are plans where you pay for the funeral directors services, but everything else is left to be paid at the time of the funeral.  It is not always clear if you are buying this sort of plan, which is just one of the reasons most people benefit from our help.  They can be helpful, as long as everyone realises that there will be quite a lot of extra costs at the time of the funeral – roughly one third of the costs will not have been prepaid.

   3. Proper Cremation Plans

Proper cremation plans are set up so that they include an allowance for the cost of the funeral directors services, the doctor and ministers (or celebrants) fee as well as the service at the crematorium and cost of cremation.  They don’t generally include flowers, printing or adverts or wake,  But they do do all the basics within the agreed limits.  This is where we come into sub types of cremation plans.

Cremation Plan Type a.

Pays for the undertaker, and makes an inflation linked allowance for the cost of cremation, doctors and minsters fees.  At the time of writing (January 2016) the allowance ranges from £940 to £1,200.  That is a big difference.  In many areas, the chances are this will be enough.  But there could be a shortage, which has to be made up at the time of the funeral.   Some of the providers of this type plan will accept people under the age of 50.

Cremation Plan Type b.

Same as type a., except that it guarantees that the cost of cremation, ministers and (maybe) doctors fees will be covered.  However, that only works if you use their facilities. And the costs are usually far higher.  They also won’t generally accept people under the age of 50.

Cremation Funeral Plan Type c.

CUT DOWN Plans were introduced by the funeral plan companies to offer a plan at a significantly lower price than a standard one.  They do this by slashing a few hundred pounds off the allowance for third party costs.  The risak of shortfall is reduced by removing the choice of location and time of the cremation, which (in the extreme) could mean a funeral up to 50 miles from home at 8.30 in the morning.  We hope that no one would dare do that, but the alternative will be an extra bill for the family before the service.  Not ideal, but better than nothing by far.

So, as they say, you pays your money and takes your choice.  If you are wise, that choice will be made with our help, our price guarantee and bonus. So call us on 0800 0588 240 or use the form below!

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