Londoners May Save a Fortune

Hardly the origin of independent advice (sadly) the Daily Telegraph continues its’ campaign to promote Dignity Funeral plans with an article of the areas in which funeral costs are higher.

The interesting thing is that prepaid funeral prices are even more competitive in expensive areas than they are in cheaper areas, so Southerners have even more to gain from prepaid funeral plans.

“Those living in the south of England pay higher funeral costs. As expected, London is the most expensive place to die in the UK, but it may come as a surprise to hear that those living in the capital will pay an average £4,836, that’s 34% more than the national average cost of a funeral today.

As the cost of a funeral continues to increase, those living in the south of England could continue paying well above the national average for their funeral costs.”


Here is the Telegraph article – just remember that it is PR for Dignity Funeral Plans!!

Incidentally, Dignity Funeral Plans are not often top of our recommendation list at the present moment, despite the fact that their prices are yet to go up this year.  Dignity Funeral Plans annual increase this year is on 1st December.  If you are looking for the best prepaid funeral plan for your specific needs, why not contact us for independent advice?